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  1. Thanks for replies and will ignore.
  2. I received a letter back in Oct 2013 advising I owed money from a Littlewoods/very account. I have never had an account with this company or their subsidiaries. The DCA (Arrow Global)said the original agreement was from 2001 and I sent the letter of no knowledge. I received a further letter in Feb 2014 advising the management of this account had gone to Scotcall and I immediately sent the same letter to them. No further letters until Sept 2014 From Arrow Global again chasing the same thing. I did not take any action. Have just received a letter from Capquest advising they are managing the account and they have also tried to phone. Do I send the same letter or is there a different approach I should now take. Again I have never had an account with company. Thanks for any help
  3. It is Equidebt who need glasses. Glad to hear you are not in burgers! Thanks for responses. Will keep you up dated.
  4. After a spell of no contact after sending the letter suggested by the brigadier to the compliance manager I have just received a letter offering "huge discounts" and 3 different offers over 12,18 & 24 months. Who can I write to and take forward the harrassment etc. Thanks for any help
  5. Received a reply confirming it is statute barred but the last paragraph said "you still have a moral obligation to pay". What about their moral obligation claiming payment when statute barred. One rule for one.
  6. Thanks all for your quick responses will send letter on Monday and will update
  7. Following receipt of a couple of letters from a DCA I sent them a statute barred letter on 16 May which was signed for on 21 May. At the begining of June I received a further chasing letter saying I had not responded and may take legal proceedings by their solicitors and may instruct an agent to make an appointment to make a door step visit at home. I sent them the second statute barred letter from your library (thank you) on 9 June which was signed for on 13 June. Today I have received a further chasing letter, albeit offering a 75% reduction dated 20 June. Do I now write to MP, Information commisioners office etc and copy their compliance department. Your advice would be much appreciated.
  8. I sent a request to RBS on 21 Oct. They returned the original letter and PO at the begining of this month asking for a utility bill to confirm my current address and also for me to sign an authorisation to amend my address on their records. Is it usual to sign this document to change my address as I know signatures are not given to correspondence to DCA's or am I being over cautious?
  9. As mentioned before the last payment to Barclaycard was in June 2005 but I do not have the SAR to confirm this. Should I send a SB letter. The date of default is end of Jan 2006 according to the paperwork attached to TR letter.
  10. Sorry for delay. The postcode on the letter is NN4 1ZY. I have also not recieved any further correspondence since my last letter to them as suggested.
  11. Having spoken to the directors office again they sent an email to the SAR department who did phone me and said they were looking into it. This morning I received the following letter. http://i781.photobucket.com/albums/yy91/av8boy/HFO/HFOScan6.jpg The 6 years after the default is the end of Jan 2012 and I am sure that the last payment was in July 05.
  12. Yes there was a figure in the box it was 25% of the outstanding figure.
  13. Today received this letter from dlc. http://i781.photobucket.com/albums/yy91/av8boy/dlc/Scan2Oct11.jpg No response yet to SAR but still early days.
  14. How long do linked addresses stay on a credit file and who can see them. Secondly there is a linked address on my file which was a c/o address 5 years ago. I never lived there. Unfortunately the person who did live at this address ended up with a lot of debts and I would like this address removed. Is this possible
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