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  1. Thankyou, i'll do that, if they give me the address!


    After third phone call and speaking with manager theyre basically saying as it was a third party transaction theyre not obligated to return the charge!


    Im annoyed that im being penalised that I had nothing to do with!


    Unfortuntely as im a crap cardcash account holder that doesnt make them any money they dont give a crap...


    Oh and im only allowed one good will gesture EVER, ive been with them ten years and will be closing my account as soon as I get another bank account

  2. So, the story goes..


    My paypal account was hacked.. twice... both times money was taken from my linked bank account.. a halifax cardcash account


    After going through paypal's resoloution center they agreed both times they were unauthorised and reversed the payments, unfortunately there was not enough cash in my bank account both times to cover the transactions so I was charged £15 by them!


    After speaking to them they will not reverse the charges!


    Now if I had made a genuine mistake with a direct debit or cheque bouncing I can kind of understand (altho i'd still be annoyed)

    but this is just unfair!


    Do I have a leg to stand on? Who can I contact about this?


    Thanks in advance!

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