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  1. Thanks for all the replies just shows what a cock up the benefit system is in even more of a laugh just had a council benefits guy at my home to access council tax apparently if you have moreb than £120 a week coming in you dont qualify they do not take into account any outgoins just incoming ..oh well lifes a bitch
  2. This is my point why was it paid to me when i was bringing home in excess of £800 but will be taken away if i earn £500
  3. Can someone answer this query i went off sick from a well paid job it took over a year to diagnose me with fibromyalgia when my company after the standard 26 weeks dropped my pay to half the DWP toldme i could claim esa contribution based which i did and at the time although on half pay i was still getting £800 a month from my company.My company have now dismissed me on ill health grounds so now I dont get any money other than esa and disability allowance but what i cant understand is when i was taking £800 they gave me esa but im lead to believe if i get another job that pays me £500 a month they will take it off me so where is my incentive to take any work that the limited capability for work meetings i have to attend are trying to get me !!
  4. Can someone advise me as i am in a similar situation i have been off sick since jan 2010 with ME my leave starts on 1st jan and in november 2010 my company agreed to pay me for all my holiday entitlement.However they are now dismising me under ill health (mutual agreement) but this wont happen until end of jan 2011 - as my leave starts again on 1st jan will i be able to claim my leave entitlement again.?
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