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  1. Of course i will thanks silverfox you have been a great help I will post in the morning once (hopefully) all is delivered
  2. I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Lee for all his help and would now like to say (pending delivery tomorrow) all is now resolved! I would urge anyone before getting frustrated to follow the instructions on here as there are people willing to help at vodafone you just need to find them. I really wish all vodafone employee's was as professional and as good as lee and i would also like to note although i did not get her name the lady who processed my line today (who did the order) needs a mention too as this lady was excellent and credit where credit due! Maybe at some point Lee could forward my gratitude to her? Thanks
  3. Have spoken to Lee and he is dealing with it, again very professional Locustus : my bill for next month was not due but i was advised to pay this too for 3 months payments
  4. Right the saga continues! Take a trip into town, i pay the outstanding balance as requested AND aprils bill as requested, re set up direct debit as requested. Go into vodafone shop about a second line as my account is noted up from all this. The guy in the sho could not be more unhelpfull and acts as if he cant be bothered to work today, he rings them up (second line team), i ask him to ask them to check my notes etc... he goes off then comes back and says it been declined as 3 months payments blah blah blah. Which is what the notes are on there for to sort that! I then ring voda to ask for teh second line people to explain situation the woman on the phone speaks to them and comes back and says as its vodafones fault they will erase my payment history for a second line which will take 3 days! meaning 5 days to wait because of weekend! Why DID I PAY NEXT MONTH THEN? I have had enough of this now its beyond the joke, my time is being wasted and quite frankly am sick of speaking to people who dont listen!
  5. Just heard from lee phone unrestricted and hopefulyl a final resolution to my issues. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Lee and a message to Vodafone , why can you not hire or train more people to be like Lee? Vodafone would be a much nicer place if you did! Thanks and i will update one a final resolution has been made!
  6. Spoke to Lee yesterday (thanks for calling) but now find myself restricted! even though payment was made monday over the counter at barclays. Also noted this is VODAFONES fault why the payment was late to begin with. Absolute joke! Also on a side note i wish i had seen this section of the forum BEFORE joining Voda the sheer amount of complaints is mid boggling!
  7. Edit: WRT135 – CAG Forum [#8698335] ref number thanks SilverFox
  8. Hi all, thanks for taking time to read this long winded nightmare! signed up 2 and a half months ago, rang up after 1 week and asked if i can pay via barclays counter payments, was told that was fine and to pay my first bill onwards this way. Great i thought, i was wrong! Paid over the counter only to find vodafone had tried to take via direct debit from my account TWICE as they was being returned due to the money not being in there as i paid it over the counter! Rang up was advised it was not done and that the advisor had done it then, Thanks does not help me but hey its done. Bill date came went ot pay over the counter and guess what? Vodafone twice again tried to take the money (not in there again as i had the cash on me to pay over the counter) Rang up and was told that it was only half done? whats half done? and now it has been done properly. The lady told me EXPLICITLY down the phone that it was VODAFONE's fault and that i would NOT get a late payment on the system as i was looking to get a ipad. So payed the bill as agreed over the counter Yes it was late but only because i was sorting out this mess. Anyways rang up to take out a second line (i know what was i thinking) as i thought ok give them a chance mistakes happen only to find out that i now have to wait 3 MORE MONTHS due to this payment being late THROUGH NO FAULT OF MY OWN! Absolutely shocking. So i ring up today only to be hung up on twice and have a lady completely ignore me and just kept saying "anything else i can do for you" Eventually after about 6 calls i got thorugh to a guy who again ADMITTED it was vodafones fault and advised me he was resolve this and speak to his manager to get me the second line as it was their fault, GREAT i thought finally someone who knows what they are doing. After 42 minutes of being on hold he comes back to tell me to ask someone in my family to take out the contract in their name and then change it to me in 3 months lol WHAT???? NO i should be eligable as the thing thats stopping me is due to VODAFONE, he then said there was nothing he could do. So lets get this right Vodafone screw up Vodafone admit screwup on more than one occasion ME the customer gets penalised Brilliant. worst phone provider on the planet, most useless customer services on the planet! I have now spoken to my solicitor who will be persuing to terminate my contract without charge due to Vodafone breach of contract. Also Phone recording will be requested for evidence. The only suggestion i can make is if you don't one day want to lose all your customers employ decent representatives! See you in Court. Tony
  9. Hi when i rang to get the underwriters name for the financial ombudsman they just said twgservices ltd? Thanks Tony
  10. Hi thanks, Ihave now recieved the report from the garage it was takrn to who are specialists stating it is not due to wear and tear and that the inspector is wrong with alot of his report. I have rang and logged my complaint with the financial ombudsman and sent an email to watchdog. I d 100% plan to take them to court. TWGservices are shockingly bad in the way they have handled this claim. They may think i will go away and forget it but they would be wrong. Everything points to a strong claim i have. The inspector took more time looking around the car then actually looking at the problem part. Obviously trying to find a way for the warranty company to get out of the claim Thanks
  11. Hi thanks in advance for helping/advising. Ok , i purchased a a car at the end of nov 2010 privately. I rang the rac to change over breakdown cover on the 1/12 they mentioned about warranty etc.. so i decided to take out the warranty. on the 16/12 the gearbox decided to go bang and the 6th gear synchro went. I was taken to a local TRANSMISSION SPECIALISTS who checked the gearbox and advised it was the synchro and that it was NOT wear and tear and was not common place. They rang the warraty group and advised of their findings. TWG said they wanted to send an independant inspector from dekra out to check the findings. The inspector came out and they guy from the transmission place said he was there for 10 mins and from thet spent ABOUT 30 SECONDS checking the gearbox, He spent the rest looking around the car!. In his report he put " The radiator was held in place by wire" This was done by the garage due to having to remove parts to get the gearbox out!. Also he stated the "the car shows signs of abuse" THIS IS SHOCKING the car is in above ave condition and has full Vauxhall service history. It has been well looked after. Anyway His report concluded the synchro was wearing before i took out the warranty and that it went due to wear and tear, Yet the specialists i took it too say this is not the case as the bearings etc.. are fine and that it just went.How can dekra tell this when he spent 30 seconds checking the gearbox? Can anyone advise on next step please. I AM planning to take them to court. thanks
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