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  1. I agree with DX just keep playing the game a fun one of mine was to say can you hold the line fr a second got my ipod out put on a song and left them hanging or just be really obscure hen they ask you questions it goes a little something like this. them - can you answer some security questions you - can you answer some security questions them - can you confirm your name DOB and tel number you - can you confirm your name DOB and tel number Them - this wont go away you - what wont go away them - we will keep ringing you you - congratulations you may be in line for a special prize, I just need your name address sort code and account details, could you just speak clearly for the tape as I have to record the conversation as proof. End of the day its SB they can do nothing at all, don't let it stress you just have some fun with it
  2. Hi Mate been following this one, dont worry about the DCA you will find out that they are basically the same company technically speaking hence no notification of the transfer etc I had a battle with these clowns a few years ago and won. You do need to be patient when putting the claim form in, I'm not sure if its still the FSCS dealing with welcome claims as welcome were bent over a table due to their shocking practices, if it is you will be sent a questionnaire form to fill in for each PPI claim and you will only get 90% of what is owed to you. Welcome have been in serious financial trouble for a while now due to their scandalous lending practices so in essence the government is bailing them out. Good luck with it pal
  3. What dx says lol Thats all it is it will be passed from pillar to post trying to bully you into making a payment etc. They cant send anyone to your house with out making an appointment before hand and with your permission. Oh and FYI only a court can order you to submit income and expenditure info. Believe me these DCA's have no power whats so ever. If you read any of their letters they are always full of the words 'may' 'possibly' never we will which means they can basically do didily squat with you
  4. Watching this with interest, best of luck. FYI without going through your posts the bit where Lowel claim error of judgment on your part on relying on the CCA, if i'm not mistaken didnt you recieve a letter confirming your request BW where in it it clerarly states that it is YOUR LEGAL RIGHT to request this hence it being sent on to lowels? just something you could possibly use if needed?
  5. You will get a bit as you were paying interest on it with your repayments My PPI was on the loan was £928 and I got back £1600 which included the interest CAPITALIZATION thats welcomes way of showing interest which should reduce as the payments are made every month A SAR will show every single bit of detail they have one you and I mean everything
  6. My advice would be to put the account in dispute as you don't agree with their figures I would also send them a SAR You will need to send a £10 postal order to obtain this which takes up to 40 days I would bet my life on the fact that the monies you owe is made up of the charges they apply to the account and the interest added to that These are unlawful and can be reclaimed. I got my PPi back but because it was done through the FSCS you will only get 90% back and also because its through the FSCS it will be of set against any outstanding balance this is because welcome are still in default and are collecting their loan book and owe fortunes to their own creditors and shareholders
  7. In short yes Any money they award you will first be set off against outstanding arrears or loan amount thats what they did to me
  8. Right first things first get the PPI sorted out I can pretty much guarantee that the PPI will more than cover the what is outstanding plus a little left over When did you put the claim in because it can take up to 8 weeks to sort it out?
  9. Forgive me for butting in but I notice that there is a MIF on one of the loans you mentioned for £3k surely thats wrong?
  10. just want to say sorry i over estimated how much you paid by about a year whoops
  11. Ok quick question here Has the acceptance fee be added to the loan? I could be wrong here but I am pretty sure u cant charge interest on an acceptance fee the acceptance fee should be a one off payment? I had a 2k loan with welcome that I was paying off I had 4 months left on it and when I inquired as to how much was left the total was nearly £1000 and I had been paying it off for nearly 3 years @£175 a month. Doing some quick sums you have paid back nearly 7K to date which represents an interest rate of nearly 35% not the 15.6 as suggested which seems very low for welcome in the first place I calculate you have paid back £6990.48 over 56 months thus far and the total repayments come to £7614.63 based on the info u supplied therefor subtract the 2 and u should have £624 left So something is wrong somewhere I cant make any sense of it! Top get any where near what the total of the repayments come to you need to add about 45% to the original amount of credit????
  12. This says to me that maybe they don't want it to go to court as they know they will loose?
  13. Definatley advocate the CCCS my partner rang them and it massively helps with working out what you need to do and how you can do it. It was the CCCS who advised her to open a new bank account because some of her creditors may have taken more money than what she could afford Don't worry you are defo in the right place. More info would be great on your situation if possible chers PDB1980
  14. Welcome elite brokers - this is welcomes way of paying themselves commission on their own loan! They then charge you for the privilege and charge interest on top of it. Post will love this
  15. Don't take this as having a go but, Never ever give you bank statement or wage details for them to copy They have no legal right to see your income and expenditure none what so ever! Only a court can ask for this I would be inclined to open a new account and close your current one because these sharks may just loot your account for the money.
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