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  1. I got the first 2 letters on the same day as you (the analyst) and the court letter on the same day as you!! COINCEDENCE? Had you sent anything relating to "statute barred" to C.C.M. As it stands I have sent the "acknowledgment of service" slip to the court and emailed M.I.B. requesting all information on the case such as timescales. Today I am going seek legal advice. Let us share anything we come up with
  2. As previously stated I have also received correspondence from M.I.B and Closed Credit and after various bits of advice I sent C.C. a letter drafted by the National Debt Help-line. We sent the letter christmas week. Today i have received a county court letter, with additional charges, £190 court fees and solicitors fees of £100. I rang back the National debt line straight away who said that if we defended the case we could accrue further costs if we do not win the case. The court will decide if we should pay or not at the end of the day. We are going to defend our case based on the limita
  3. Read your CAG yesterday and have had the same correspondence from the same people. After contacting CAB and the National Debt Line we have come to the conclusion MIB have sold on these statute barred debts hoping some percentage will pay. On the NDL website there is a covering letter to send to the CCM which should shake them off. Also it is advised don't phone them. Further advice and to let them know them know the extent of the problem phone National Debt Line 0808 808 4000
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