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  1. Elsa - I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I sent off the letters recommended and ultimately heard back from Fredricksons that they had no further instructions in the matter. I hope that Arrow will not resurrect the matter at anytime - but for now all seems quiet! and nothing on my credit record!! So a big thank you to you for helping and giving good advice. john
  2. Thanks Elsa, The letter is a "we will" one! I have written to Fredrickson to advise them of my request that they disclose documentation etc to prove there is indeed a debt. I have had a response from Orange to an email I sent them - ( I was told by Fredrickson were the original creditor ) and they helpfully confirmed they have no debt in my name and that my account when closed was perfectly in order. Thus I remain confident that the claims from Fredrickson are fictitious - but I am angry that I have to spend time trying to dismiss their claim. It is nice to know that people like Elsa can help. regards
  3. Good morning - I am also receiving threatening letters from Fredrickson about an alleged debt to Arrow Global Guernsey Ltd. I have no knowledge of either the amount nor the name ARROW. However I found the suggested letter asking them to prove it helpful and sent along those lines to the PO box and the registered address. However i have received no details as requested but they have sent a "LETTER BEFORE ACTION" which threatens to add costs and obtain a CCJ. I have replied in writing stating again I need details and for them to prove there is a debt - is there anything else I should do - any advice appreciated.
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