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  1. I am interested in this. To be honest I have debts many well over 5 years old and and totaling about 20k-25k. Jobs (non-financial) that I would have usually have walked into have been turning me down right left and centre. I have a feeling it might have something to do with my financial past.
  2. I have these cretins on my back about a cancellation fee. One call treated me appallingly and I feel are now trying to fleece me. I took out the policy and they knew I just moved, my partners driving licence and mine were at the DVLA having the address changed. They cancelled our policy because we couldn't get photo copies of our licences to them in 14 days (over xmas period). We agreed a £30 admin fee as it was in the 14 days cooling off. They upped it to £56 and now it is £126. I paid the agreed £30 and send the rest return to sender. I had all
  3. I called the police on one who tried to be persistent and he was escorted from my premises. The police appeared to have no time for them. A few days later my partner received a strange letter apologizing for the visit and they were sorry for her loss and no further contact would be made by them. Either incompetence or spite he must of said I was dead. Never heard anything from anyone regarding it again.
  4. Just out of interest, but could a car repayment become statute barred after 6 years if you still have the vehicle?
  5. I had one and my credit history is shot to smithereens. Luckily it kept failing and I made myself such a pain in the butt with scottish power they fitted a non-prepayment FOC. Just keep messing the keys up and calling them saying you need an engineer. In the end you cost them too much money and hassle.
  6. I tried to VT my car 3 years ago. Despite paying £4k off the finance of the purchase price of £8k they say I now owe £12k with charges. I haven't paid a penny since and still have the car. My credit is ruined anyway but they make no attempt to repossess it. I still use it as it seems pointless leaving it there to rot. Every now and again I get a letter threatening to take it which I write to them back and invite them too. Then they just pass it onto another debt collector who agrees I have no means to pay it. It feels like a weight round my neck I cant get rid off.
  7. Hi, I haven't posted in awhile so I will try to keep it brief as possible. Quick background information. I had 4 major foot operations, none particularly successful and then I was run over by a car as a pedestrian crushing my operated on foot. Being previously self employed it left me unable to work and in severe debt. I received a pitiful amount of compensation which I spent catching up on debts and bills. To top it off despite being house bound and in a wheel chair ATOS found me fit to work (even claiming I can walk up stairs despite interviewing me in my g
  8. Best thing was I knew nothing about it. So any claims of deception can't be thrown at me. Because remember "all calls are recorded". lol
  9. Westcott are goons. An ex of mine told them she heard a rumour I was dead. Never heard from them again.
  10. Don't lose sleep over them. They are really not worth it. From surfing the the web they seem to buy up all the rubbish that nobody else wants. With any luck they will disappear up there own backsides as money runs further and further out.
  11. As the title says they are totally refusing to talk other than over the telephone. They only respond to letters and emails saying I must call their debt managers on an 0845 number. Is this legal? Who can I contact as I only want to do it in writing.
  12. Experto go as DMC etc, Lowells have about 4 aliases, that mickey mouse outfit Advanced Investigation services. What is it all about?
  13. What is the point of these DCA companies sending you loads of mail in different names? When they change it I just figure the last one gave up so past it onto the next vulture. It is so disappointing to find out they are just the same company masquerading as the first that contacted you. Am I looking at there tactics in the wrong way, what effect should it be having on me?
  14. LMAO @ Lowells you would think in this time of severe hardship they could find themselves something worth chasing. They seem to just pick up the toxic rubbish that nobody else wants. Great business plan.
  15. Lowells are pretty useless in my experience. They send you a load of twaddle in various colour letters and styles. Sometimes they call themselves Lowells Financial, other times Lowell Portfolio. All have the same PO Box address which is hard to send recorded delivery. They never reply to emails, very rarely to letters. I have ignored them for over a year then sent them a letter showing them I am broke. They wont negotiate at all but just stick your account on hold for 90 days. Funny enough I am sending a letter out tomorrow telling them I am still broke, homeless and under going ser
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