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  1. survey completed. small donation made. thanks CAG....................
  2. the offers are usually 60% of what you're claiming. call them on the number on your 'offer for settlement' letter and speak to the adviser. Tell them that the offer you have is not acceptable and you'll be putting this in writing. Then ask them if you and Halifax could come to an agreement on the phone now as you will be following this through to court stage. They may ask what do you want, you tell them the FULL amount in relation to all the charges (don't ask for the interest you only want your charges back!). You may find that the answer will be okay and that another settlement letter on its way to you. It happened to me and i settled before court proceedings. Full amount reclaimed. £1474.00. takes about 7-10 days for it to get into your account.
  3. they do eventually by letter acknowledging your 'concerns with the charges' yeah too right we are! just keep to your timetable. it seems, after reading some of the other threads, that the Halifax are beginning to offer full refunds instead of stretching it out to the court stages............no harm in calling before you do the MCOL bit............see my thread for number or Hillards thread.... good luck
  4. I've received the settlement letter this morning for the full amount (£1474) They still go on about more charges.......close account etc..........but who cares now. I will receive all my charges back (obviously without any interest but thats not what we're doing this for.......remember that!.........) So i will wait till the £1474 turns up into my account then i'll do the survey and donation. this site helps enormously for banking questions/advice and parking tickets etc etc...........top site!
  5. that's fine........ i only went down this route to save writing out the MCOL and then waiting another month or so.............at least the way i've done it, i know what's happening and i did get the full amount of £1474.00. interest would've been a bonus but isn't the be all and end all. Good luck with your claim by the way.
  6. should've called the number on the letter quoting the ref.no. and re negotiated the settlement. the Halifax are begining to seetle for the full amount of charges, obviously not including the interest, but then thats all you wanted back was the initial charges.
  7. open another account with someone else first...............then proceed with your claim..................then it'll put your mind at ease! if the Halifax moan or close account you'll just have to then change all your DD's etc...........no hard work really..............good luck!
  8. i did the same after reading 'Hillards' thread and thought i'd give it a go. asked fot the full amount of £1474 and they agreed. just waiting for the letter before i jump for joy !! There's no harm in calling them, you only want your charges back, the interest was a bonus if you took it to court. Ask politely for the full amount, they can only say no! then politely say, okay i will be filing this claim in the court today. It does get busy on the phone number i called but persevere. took me 2 days before i got through.
  9. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/25716-rejection-settlement-offer.html use this link and look down a couple of posts to find a template for the letter to write back. hope this helps.
  10. They were constantly engaged yesterday but today i got through straight away. If anyone receives a settlement offer letter the number to contact will be on there. If you ask for the person the letter was from the person will just ask for their reference number to check your file. Take it easy, be nice, and you never know what might happen. Realistically don't go above your total charges. Good luck to one and all.
  11. UPDATE Well, i called this no.0121-234-1068 today (Halifax cutomer relations) and spoke to them about my claim for £1474 in charges over the last 6 years. I also mentioned that i was going to be filing a court claim later today (MCOL) but thought a courtesy call to them first in good faith was the least i could do! They looked at my notes and what my settlement offer from them was, £1078, and then said what did i want to settle this claim, i said all my charges totalling £1474 was what i wanted. I waited and then a bit dumbstruck as she replied, ok a letter with the settlement forms will be sent to you and it should take about 10 days! she also mentioned that any further charges.....blah....blah.... the usual stuff..... Shock!! So it seems like i have been successful but won't be happy until i receive the letter and also the money in my bank! Just a note to other claiments, just call this number, it does get busy but persevere, it'll save court letters and filling out forms and also finding the £120. you originally only wanted your charges back, the interest was just a tempter but in the end it seems like a successful ending to my claim. Give it a go.........................
  12. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/25716-rejection-settlement-offer.html just found the answer to my question !!! So i'll wait till the 19th and then start the MCOL claim, being near to Christmas though, will that affect my timescales? any advice........ thanks
  13. Update.............. Received the letter (dated 11th December) from the Halifax offering me £1078 out of the £1474 i'm claiming. Obviously i'll be refusing this offer/settlement with a letter (from the CAG templates! thanks again) But now that they have offered me a settlement can i now go ahead with the MCOL or do i have to wait the full 14 days before proceeding with the court claim? Advice please! The MCOL claim was due to be put forward on the 19th December. Thnaks
  14. you can claim your credit card charges back too you know !! get an SAR off to the credit card company too, get all those charges back and offset from what you owe........... just a thought
  15. so you haven't sent the Halifax a Prelim.Letter or a Letter Before Action notice either? i think you need to read the FAQs first, you seemed to have missed out notifying the Halifax of your intentions and requesting refunding charges first. you've gone too far too soon. read read read FAQs.
  16. i believe you stick to your 14 day timetable and send them the Letter Before Action once your deadline has passed. you're at a similar stage to me. i'm sending my LBA on thursday 30th nov. then 14 days after this it will be MCOL time! just stick to your timetable, which CAG have said is ok, don't worry about letters they send saying we have 4 weeks blah blah.... goodluck............. it'll come to you in the end...............
  17. Just another update. Sent Pre Lim on 13th Nov. (signed for on 14th nov.) letter ack. 'complaint' about bank charges, from Donna Prizeman dated 23rd Nov. LBA going off on 28th November as thats 14 days from receiving pre.lim. hope these are the correct procedures i'm taking.any advice? total charges £1474.00
  18. it doesn't mean anything really. just ignore it. just add up all your charges and put them into the spreadsheet and get your claim going !! don't work out the interest yet though !! save 2 spreadsheets. one with the interest added and one without the interest. Your next step is the Pre Lim letter and you need to include the charges you've received to date schedule from the spreadsheet with your letter. good luck. i'm just in front of you. got 10 more days for pre lim then its the LBA letter.
  19. the spreadsheets aren't that difficult! you'd have to check with a moderator about the 28.8% interest charge !!!
  20. standard unauthorized o/d letter. the charge comes out at the end of the following month normally. i had one in October and the charg comes out Nov.28th. hopefully just in time to add it on to moneyclaim !!!!
  21. why didn't you call them or email them with one week to go to comply? i did just that and received all 150 pages of statements within 7 days. It was bang on the 40 day time frame but it gave Halifax a kick up the backside to make sure it was in hand. [email protected] this guy seems to be the 'new' contact as he sent me a special delivery acknowledging my claim and the next day i got the info.
  22. received all 150 pages of statements this morning. Gone through them and found a few which i missed off, so now i'm sending my prelim off on monday, recorded, as its now the weekend.
  23. hi, i used this email address [email protected] there is also this guy who sent me a special delivery letter confirming delivery of statements would be soon. [email protected] hope it goes ok. i received all 150 pages this morning !!! found several which i missed off so i'm in process of sending the prelim.
  24. they'll probably stick it in your account then cancel your £1500 o/d and put you back to £250 o/d. Therefore, realistically, only £2000 will be 'yours' !!
  25. he's the person who signed on my letter re statements. i just want to get them and 'start the ball rolling'!
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