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  1. Hi all, About 2 years ago i took out a wonga loan. The loan was repaid on the due date and all was fine. 2 years on i decided that i would use my Wonga account again as sometimes these loans can be very handy even though it is daylight robbery! After contacting Wonga via email to reset my password as some of the questions they where asking i couldnt remember the response i got was to ring them and they could reset my passsword. After speaking to someone @ Wonga they said they would send the issue to Head Office for them to sort out but never had a reply. After several attempts I finally logged into my account using my old login details To my surprise when I logged in my account was showing that i owed £648 and my account was in arrears by 750+ days!!! As you can imagine NOT HAPPY! So after emailing Wonga on several occasions i finally got an email back confirming my loan was repaid on the due date. After a few days i logged back into Wonga to find nothing had changed. This has now been going on for 2 weeks and i am still trying to get a response from Wonga. Them having my account in arrears for the past 2 years has certainly affected my credit rating! I have asked them to provide proof that they have removed any markers they have placed on my credit files with whichever agencies they report to but I am getting no response and my online Wonga account is still showing the same. Can anyone tell me where i stand legally as they have seriously affected not only my credit rating but my life as this is stopping me obtaining credit for other things elsewhere A very ann oid member! Many Thanks
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