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  1. Just a quick update on this , I finally went to the Financial Ombudsman and they made a ruling as below: Lloyds have agreed to the following after the ombudsman said they had not acted correctly but he could not over turn the default as such putting things right As it stands, Lloyds have offered to do the following to put things right: - Record the default from February 2010 rather than August 2010. That will mean the default is off your credit file after February 2010. - Refund the £17 account fee between November 2009 and August 2010 (when the fees were stopped). That will come
  2. Hi Yes this letter is in reply to my formal complaint to head office. I plan to reply saying "thank you for admitting you have not issued a Default notice and as such i require it be removed from all CRA's immediately" Is that the right approach ?
  3. I have been trying without success to challenge a Lloyd's bank default from 2010. After 2 years of letters Lloyds have finally replied and told me they didn't actually send me a default notice but its all ok as they sent a solicitors letter instead . This seems off to me and i smell a large rat They also sent me a cheque for £50 as a gesture of goodwill !! Any advice on the next steps ? The debt is fully repaid and just trying to clear my CRA file thanks
  4. Yes indeed and its ready to send them a copy back, I wasn't sure if to include Bryan Carter or just go straight to Lowell ?
  5. Hi I did not defend this claim as i was working away at the time,, so had no chance to take time out to attend court plus they has a signed agreement which had all the prescribed terms in it so I could see no realistic defense. I also did not want the risk of a CCJ when i had just got my credit file relatively clean Thanks
  6. Hi quick bit of advice needed please. I agreed a full and final settlement with Bryan Carter solicitors acting for Lowell in Jan this year and paid the agreed amount set out in a Tomlin order. Today i have received a further demand for payment from Lowell on the same account for the difference between the amount claimed and the amount paid under the order. My understanding is the full and final settlement was just that and agreed by both parties in the signed Tomlin order. Is this Lowell trying it on ? Thanks for any advice
  7. Hi No original creditor info on the app form no. My concern was they sent a form with my bank account number, sort code , mothers maiden name and previous addresses plus full employer details thanks
  8. Marlin finaicial sent the standard we think we know you are someone we want to extract money from letter in July and i duly sent them a prove it or go away letter. This week they have sent me a copy of my online application as requested this is a plain print of lots of my info including bank and employer details but no company specific info to tell me who if anyone the debt is origanted from or owed to now . Info added but redacted I am concerned that they sent this amount of personal info in response to my origianl letter and feels like a mis sue of personal data to me
  9. Sorry for being bit slow so does this mean they are allowed to charge interest on a charging order or not ? thanks
  10. Think i may have found the judgement I have redacted and attached Thanks
  11. Hi tried this already The original County court has closed and all cases transferred to a new one. They have said all records are destroyed after 3 years if no activity so they cannot give me a copy
  12. The CCJ was for £12k Payments have been made but stopped when i discovered the interest added was outstripping payments, and i tried to resolve why. no i dont have the a copy of the CCJ
  13. This is the interim charging order but i think terms are same for final charging order, The worrying bit is "with any further interest becoming due and the costs of the application" I have attached the redacted CO Thanks
  14. Looks like i have missing paperwork here I have the application for charging order on land or property and the Interim charging order but that all
  15. Yes i will dig it out tonight, just be clear we are talking about the CCJ not the charging order ? Thanks
  16. This has been covered on another of my posts but the post got moved and not had many replies. Recently had a response from Mortimer Clark saying yes we are allowed to add interest to the charging order they obtained via a ccj on a credit card debt to Marbles that was HFC Attached is the letter which contains plenty of quoted cases but i have no idea if relevant and was pretty certain ths adding of interest was not allowed in this instance Thanks
  17. I have received the attached letter in response to my challenge to them of adding interest to a charging order which falls under CCA 1974. It seems to be a few quotes of case law saying they are allowed to do this. anyone care to enlighten me ? i feel they are probably fobbing me off with lots of legal looking quotes but i am not sure. Thanks
  18. I don't think i made myself too clear in an earlier post. My SAR was returned by HFC stating " we have assumed your request for information to be in relation to PPI" I have scanned the letter and it is attached, is this a refusal or a delaying tactic ?
  19. It just gets better also had the attached letter from MC today even though i wrote to them in Feb and told them they are not allowed to charge interest on a charging order resulting from a CCJ of a debt which came in CCA 1974 (no reply of course) Looks like a standard mailshot to me ?
  20. After 2 months i got REPLY ! stating there is no PPI on this account and since that is why we think you have submitted the SAR we are returning your £10, i am quite frankly astonished
  21. Or perhaps a nice delay and then "oh dear your information is too old and we have shredded it"
  22. Yes but still not signed for and its been a few days
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