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  1. Right awesome, thanks alot Tingy. I'll send the get cracking with the statute barred letter. All your advice has been brilliant everyone, i'm really grateful!
  2. Hi thanks for the replies and the information, sorry I've not replied all day I've only just got in from work. In fairness I am sure that the debt is mine, It says that the debt is owed to Tessera Portfolio Management Ltd and that the original lender was Natwest bank. The amount is also about what I remember. Given this should I still send the 'prove it' letter or should I just go straight down the statute barred route and send them a letter relating to that? I checked my credit report recently and this default is not on there, no mention whatsoever, I guess what was concerning me was
  3. Hi, I've been away for Christmas and just got back, waiting for me was a letter from Rockwell saying that I owe them money and that I had 10 days from the 16th December to pay in full or they will take immediate action. I do still think that this debt is over 6 years old and therefore probably statute barred, so what should I do now, should I send them a letter immediately? What can they do if I do nothing? Also does anyone know if it does prove to be statute barred can they do anything to damage my credit rating as I am meant to be buying a house in a few months and don't want anything
  4. Hi, thanks so much for replying, my memories a bit hazy of the time exactly, I'd gotten myself into a bit of a mess. I was living in rented accomdation at the time and fell behind on the payments and then was told by the bank when I rang them that I had defaulted on the agreement, I think that this must have been in about July/August 2004. I then moved back to my parents house to try and sort myself out a bit but I'm sure I haven't had any contact with them over this account since then, I bank with the same company and I told my branch my new address for statements etc but I didn't hear anyt
  5. Hi, I hope someone can help me or give me some advice, I'm really anxious and don't know what to do for the best. Basically the story is that I got in from work last night and had a letter waiting for me from a company called 'Pace Forward', it says that they are trying to contact me 'in order to discuss a personal matter'. I was immediately concerned as the wording of the letter is very vague, it doesn't say what it is relation too but it says to call them immediately, it goes on to say that if I am not the person named above then to contact them so they can remove my address from their
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