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  1. All, Been in touch with the dealer today as I thought I'd give them the opportunity to address this before putting it in writing to them. Once I'd emailed them a copy of the letter I had at the time of sale saying it was serviced as per VW standards they immediately agreed to fix it for free. I've asked them what they're willing to do about addressing the lack of proper service history that the car was supposed to have when i bought it so it will be interesting to see what they come back with. Thanks for all the advice, I'll update as and when I know more but so far a good outcome.
  2. Hi there, thanks for replying so quickly. So - yes I bought the car from a dealer - it is the same dealer that has now diagnosed that the gearbox needs a bearing replacing after just 49500 miles and 3 years+3 months. When I bought the vehicle a first service had been done within 2 years but was done at 31000 miles. VW UK say this is not as per their requirements of 2 years OR 20,000 miles whichever is soonest. At time of purchase I raised this and that is why I have a letter from them CONFIRMING that the car was serviced as per manufacturer requirements. Without this letter I would imagine it a stretch to go for mis-sold, but with it I can't see any way out of it. They told me it was serviced properly and now VW confirm that it wasn't. Its fairly clear that not servicing on time could be considered a likely cause for early component failure. Before I found out from VW UK yesterday that the servicing wasn't up to scratch I was trying for a goodwill repair based on the fact that its not fit for purpose having only done less than 50k miles and at 3yrs+2months. Now I believe the dealer is soley responsible and not only should he repair it but he should compensate me for misselling me a vehicle with a service history not as described. This is why I would also expect a service and some form of extended warranty from him as VW will now no longer entertain any goodwill repair because the first service interval was missed. The vehicle is a VW Golf Plus 1.6 FSI - known apparently (ref WhatCar) for gearbox/clutch problems... As for other services, its on a long life service schedule so has actually just come up saying it needs a service. I had asked them to do it at the same time as the gearbox investigation. Any further thoughts or advice is much appreciated, thank you. JChaplin
  3. Hi all, Got an interesting one here. I bought a VW about 18months ago now. At the time of purchase I queried the service history as it looked like it hadnt been serviced within the manufacturers timescales. The dealer said that it had and I got him to confirm that to me in writing. I am now in a position where the car has developed a fault and it is just outside of its warranty. On speaking to VW UK they advise that they would not get involved in a goodwill repair because it missed its first service interval. Therefore I can only conclude that I have been mis-sold the vehicle and have solid evidence to prove this. My intention will be to write to the dealer asking for a) it to be repaired at their cost - but also the service history is now worthless and also VW would normally consider my vehicle for goodwill cover for another 2 years which they will now not do due to the service history issue. I was also therefore going to ask for a) free service for 2 years as service history is worthless and b) extended warranty to cover the 2 years that VW would consider goodwill for. The alternative option I would accept is a full refund. My question is a) is this the right approach and b) am I asking for enough/too much or what? Many thanks, JChaplin
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