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  1. I am ultimatly annoyed with myself for not researching "no worries loans" and for my gullability and stupidity in ringing and applying for a loan....it seems to me that no worries loans are principily a company where the "customer advisers" are tasked to extract (in my case) £69.95 from any poor individual niave enough to approach them. They deliberatly avoid any further contact from their "customers" by transfering them to their customer care department and effectively leaving them on hold until they hang up and try again and then be put on hold again and eventually hang up again and ring up ad infinitum......Surely even the likes of No Worries must understand the frustration and anger they are generating by these sleazy tactics. But on a more realistic note, I suspect that they are not even the slightest bit concerned because they have in their short sighted logic, "made" £60-70.00. As a potential customer of No Worries Loans, you have no reason to listen to or take heed of a complete stranger such as I. But, at least take extreme caution when considering using the services of this company and read the reams and reams of complaints about them listed on numerous web-sites before making your decision. AND DON'T BE INTIMINATED BY PROFFESSIONAL CLOSERS who will come on the line and bully you into giving them your bank card details.
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