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  1. CRIKEY!!!!!!!I've WON!!!!! :lol: Recieved a letter from Halipants this morning saying that they would pay back everything + interest + fees etc. They also said something about it being too expensive to procceed in court and that the money would be in my account within 5 days!!!!!!:grin::grin: Could one of the moderators change the title of this thread to 'got it all back'.( thankyou) Thank you to everyone whose answered my questions and supported me ( especially Elizabeth - bless you)I can now pay off all my depts and enjoy my freedom again.Not to mention eating a bit more:smile:
  2. GRRRRREAT NEWS Mate. Well Done. Just amatter of time foe meself so this bodes well. Emms
  3. Okay I'll send the letter re: only accepting as particial offer blah..again. (sigh) And wait to hear back from the court that they've proceessed claim & informed me of my case no. etc. Only a few more days to go...dum dee dum.(Twiddle of thumbs) I have to say that I'm enjoying this, though it's been an emotional rollercoaster of a ride. I feel so much more confident and I'm now off the happy pills. Great being a worm with the armour of a tractor! Thanks for the advice tdb and everyone else who've shared. You've helped me recover from an awful state of mind when I really had given up the will to live. I know that I'm still quite fragile but at least I'm not falling down anymore. Thanks everyone - you're all great!
  4. sorry that I've been away for longer than I expected. Caught up in lifes fast lane juggling jobs, daughter and relationships. Any way I took my claim down to the local county court offices on Wednesday last week along with my completed fee exemption certificate. Warning when claiming exemptiom please ensure that all neccesary docs are upto date - I had a fun relay between the court offices and inland revenue on wed avo between lunch time and school pick up as the Inland revenue had been a bit slow acknowledging my tax creadits for the next year. Bless Mike the ' Friendly' tax man for taking pity on me and sorting everything out. Anyway claim has gone in, the guy in the court offices said it should take about 8 days to proccess - aw the joys of beaurocracy! Anyway I've heard nothing since this morning when I opened a letter from Halilax saying they were prepared to up there offer from £600 to £1786 full repayment baring in mind that they did have to recover their costs. Of which I still haven't had disclosed as per my two requests in letters I've sent. so what do I do now? Do I ignore this and let procceediings progress along with another letter to them saying that I will only accept this as part payment for the total amount etc? Why don't they just give it all back!!!!
  5. Sorry. What I meant was that I was so inspired by this thread that I was off down town to hand my own claim in. Didn't mean to hog thread or step on anyones toes. Well done Lucy!
  6. Go Marquez! Well I got down to the County Court Office only to be informed that the office had closed at 4pm. I got there at 4:05pm....grrrr doh! So Elizabeth I'm really gratefull for the info about low income etc. Will go and check out the site asap and go down the offices Monday with said completed forms. Thankyou babe.(And you haven't trashed my thread, rather enhanced it methinks). Thanks for the warning too Lizzy, you were right as I would have peed my pants if I received that wee morsal of despair. Now I can expect the worse and still hold my ground. I'm still rockin!!!!
  7. Brilliant! Thanks. OK. I've filled out my claim now off down town to hand it in! Here goes.........gulp!
  8. OK. I've filled out my claim off down town to hand it in! Here goes.........
  9. Cheers Brad. Well I just completed rejection of offer letter. Now to complet court claim.It says three copies. Do I have to also include 3 statements of charges too?
  10. Thanks Lizzie. Panics subsiding. Am in the process of copying and pasting letters now. Lots of deep breaths and I think I can get my head arround the court case form. Guess I'm gonna have to make out another bad chq and hope I can muddle the money together to make sure it's in the bank before the chq clears. It's so silly but I'm really finding this part of it so emotional. Bizare how filling out a simple form can trigger lots of throat swollowing, hand wringing and ichy eyeing.
  11. HELP. Confidence is all gone wobbly. I'm confused about the next stage of the proceedure. I have no money to fill out the claim online or to write a check out for court costs.....bit worried bout what to do. Poxy banks taken all my money again. ARRRGH!!!! I've also received a letter from the executive office hoping that their offer of fulpayment of £600 will have resolved matters. Should I ignore them and continue with claim? is anybody out there????
  12. Hi Elizabeth. How's your claim going? I'm filling in my court claim today. Could really do with having a chat with you. Emms
  13. thats great news - I'm still in the process of claiming but your news has cheered me up no end. WELL DONE!!!!
  14. hello. I received a letter offering me £600 full payment of which I have no intention of accepting. Should I send them a letter respectfully accepting their 'generous offer' as partial payment only or seeeing as how I'm making my claim out and taking it down the court today should I not bother. any suggestions would be appreciated. thanx
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