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  1. I have a bit more info regarding the letter: From the lender...It says (from their solicitor) our client has instructed us to ask the bailiff to evict you so that your property can be sold. A warrant for possession of your property has been requested.
  2. Ok, so i've had a little more info - the HFC loan is 38K and is a second charge. the main mortgage is 126K. as far as i am aware neither of my parents have been to court nor have they need ordered to go to court, this "reposession order" was done verbally over the phone with HFC (bully tactics?). there is no equity in the property as far as i am aware. Once my Dad gets a job the monthly payments will be met on a regular basis (his business went bust 5 months ago), i do not pay anything towards the loan payments/mortage but i do pay the council tax and gas and telephone and a few other bit
  3. many thanks for the reply guys and thanks for moving the thread to a more appropriate section maroondevo52. I am currently trying to get further details from my parents about the questions above, as soon as i have some more info i will post. Thank you all again!
  4. Hi Guys!, I'm hoping somebody can help - my parents have fallen behind on a loan they have secured on their property with HFC who are now demanding we be out of the house in 14 days! we are £3000 behind and have fallen behind on a number of occasions now but have always managed to scrape by! I want to know where we stand with these guys in as much as if we are making A1 payments on the mortgage does that account for anything? I dont want to lose my home and neither do my parents but it looks like we may have no choice, so you guys are our last line of defence!
  5. I also forgot to mention that i am currently with a debt management plan.... does that makes things easier or more complex?
  6. thats brilliant! I have a couple more questions if you dont mind? I don't want my mum and dad dealing with all my crap when i leave whats the best course of action? How do i remove CCJ's should they be applied? thank you so much for your help!!
  7. Thanks for your quick reply sillygirl1.... am i in a good position with this then? am i just able to pick up and move on?
  8. Hi Guys, I'm 25 years old and have just recently been granted a Working Holiday Visa and have a few debts with a number of creditors (not council tax or anything you can to to prison for) which equates to about £8000 in total. I have 2 cars, one which has finance on and one which is paid up.... I plan on selling both cars and every other aspect of my life in the UK in order to settle any debts I have but there will be a short fall.... My question is, when i get out to Australia can these creditors still chase me for payment? can't afford to live out these debts. Any help, guidance or
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