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  1. Hi All Just an update from today’s meeting. At my meeting I raised concerns regarding a change to my working hours. I pointed out that I need to be at my sons school by 3pm to collect him. I also pointed out that I had nobody else to pick him up so it was really important for me to be there. The response I had was “ why cant your wife collect him” I explained my wife don’t finish work till 5.15pm I also explained my wifes employer allow her some flexibility in her start time as she took our son to school. I informed the HR manager the reason my request was granted back in 2
  2. Thanks all especially SarEl Ive a meeting with HR on weds Will keep you all informed, as what happens to me will be of benefit to others
  3. Thanks once again SarEL I think my best approach and i hope you agree or point me in the right direction is A) keep asking why its so important for me to revert back to a warehouse rota B) Ask what detriment would the business suffer if i continued working the hours i work C) Ask why everybody is not reverting back to the warehouse rota
  4. Sorry SarEL My mistake i have been reading that much info on flexible working its my brain thats turning to mash. All the info on the bis, direct.gov, acas websites all state that a granted request will be a permanant change to the contractual terms and conditions.
  5. Thank you SareL I will go with the flow and keep the you updated. Indeed when the time comes which i`m sure it will i will be knocking your door for more advice. Just one last thing, you state "a flexible working agreement does not in any way vary the prior contractual terms on a permanant basis" I have read up on section 80f and it clearly states that once an application for flexible working is granted under this heading becomes a permenant change to the t+c`s so can you please expalin your comment
  6. SareL you are more than welcome to use my thread as a greating, your knowledge is greatly appreciated in any shape or form When an employee makes the initial application the company has to seriously consider the request and only refuse on one or more of the eight prescribed grounds. Therefore how can the employer simply change its mind without firstly identifying a business need to make such change, this seems a back door exit from their duty to consider . Also, excluding parents with a disabled child, how can the employer choose who they wish to support with regards to the ori
  7. Thank you Roblynmouth I understand the comments made by the op, I also understand as an employee the business comes first and I will need to change as the business changes. The trouble I have understanding is the fact that as suggested by the first manager there will be more work on the hours I work. Surely this is a benefit rather than an adverse effect on the business. Another person who successfully had their flexible working request granted and solely works 2-10 has been told he can stay on his work pattern. This is so frustrating as the work is moving from his hours to m
  8. I had my next stage meeting today. Again i asked how the business was changing only to be told the purpose of the meeting was to review my working pattern. I was told i am being considered to have my agreement withdrawn and reverting back to a normal rotating shift pattern. The manager wouldnt comment on the business needs, infact she seemed more concerned in trying to get my agreement to the change. Later on a close friend of mine told me they are getting there own back due to me assisting a fellow worker with a discrimination claim. Can anybody advise what should
  9. An Update I had my review today, following the advice already given here I asked my manager “how is the business changing”. I was told there would be more work between the hours of 6am to 2pm. I pointed out to my manager that I work theses hours and therefore my flexi working agreement suits the business needs. I was then told it would be easier if everybody was on a rotating shift pattern. I am now being progressed to the next stage of the review process. Am really confused now
  10. Thank you SarEl for taking the time to respond I understand that the needs of the business change and the company have the right to review. Am I correct in saying the company must have good business reasons to withdraw the work pattern agreed and be able to demonstrate what adverse effects its having on the business. I read on the net a dismissal relating to somebody applying for flexi working is automatically unfair. Is this the same for somebody who has a contract variation and the dismissal is because of such variation. I don’t understand how the company
  11. Hello can somebody please advise if they have any knowledge of the flexible working regulations. In 2004 I applied for a contract variation in relation to the employment act. I work in a distribution centre where approximately 400 people work across 3 shifts. I was called to a meeting today to discuss my arrangement. I was told the business couldn’t support all the people on flexible working approximately 30 people. I was told that everybody will have a review. The people who need flexible working will continue and the ones the company think do not warrant it will revert ba
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