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  1. Oh fair enough well i appreciate your advice, i may as well eat humble pie and pay TFL there f*****g undeserved money.
  2. Section 5,3,a requires the prosecution to prove that you travelled by train, without previously paying the fare and with intent to avoid paying. Well eventhough i had my brothers oyster card.. I had enough money on my student oyster card which was enough for me to get to my destination. When the ticket man spoke to me i told him i had my student oyster card in my pocket and i accidently swiped the wrong card (in a rush train was arriving) I told him there was sufficent funds on my oyster card to get to my destination. i even offered to swipe my oyster card on the oyster system to prove it. H
  3. Letter just says you commited a fare evasion to the Regulation of the Railways Act...
  4. Erm in a way i do think i have a good case ive still got a week until i have to pay the fine so im still in 2 minds at the moment or Whether to take this to court or just pay the fine and forget the whole thing.
  5. Hmm peoples views are interesting... Has anyone successfully challenged TFL prosecution case and being successful?
  6. Oh my brother borrowed my jacket couple days before the incident left his oyster in there. On the door of the incident i didnt bother checking what was in my jacket pocket
  7. Hi I need help/advice on this situation last month I was in a rush to go university in the morning i had a very early exam I had my oyster card and my little brothers under 14 oyster card in my pocket once getting to the station i heard a train coming and swiped through in a rush with the 1st oyster card i pulled out of my pocket which unfortunately was my brothers instead of my student oyster card. Anyways I got stopped by a ticket inspector i informed the inspector it was mistake i tried telling him i completely forget that my brother oyster card was in my pocket and it wasnt intending on us
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