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  1. At this point I time I have had nothing since letter 3 dated 31st Dec............. I note dx100uk put a link on my thread recommending some correspondence which I only saw late in the day – given I have done nothing to date am I best continuing to do nothing at this point in time... leave the sleeping dog etc.....
  2. now 20 days past the date on the 3rd letter ( and 7 days past the price increse to £110) and as yet no further correspondance......... waiting in anticipation
  3. Thanks for that - helpful to get some supportive words as the letters arrive. You read everyone else’s and think you will stay 'cool' as they arrive then have a quite panic when they do that you are doing the right thing but guess that’s the psychology these guys use to get people to pay.....
  4. OK letter 3 arrived today - final notice £50 now gone up to £80 and will be £110 next week guess i sit back and wait for the next one.........
  5. I have been caught on this (see my thread) - its not that the machine is broken they have stopped using it and moved parking eye into their carpark - and not made a huge effort to make it clear to you (although no doubt they will tell you they have....) I have the first two letters which following advice from this site i have ignored - sounds like I should expect one or two more then they go away - will post what happens as things progress welcome to the club!
  6. Thanks both - you read about these things and think you will be able to play it cool but when it actually happens you start to question..... but no doubt thats the tactic here and why they do it in this way to get people to pay...... will post any further activity from them! Off to enjoy christmus
  7. Hi - Think i have the gist of what i should be doing with the parking eye 'invoices' i have recieved Not been to morrisons in Solihul for a while but went there a few Saterdays ago - it always was so much free parking depending on what you spent in store then you topped it up if needs be......... Spent longer than normal as doing supermakets with a small baby is taking long time but thats by the way....... so few weeks later letter no 1 from parkingeye - i did return to the supermarket and yes there is a sign up on your left as you drive in ie just where you will not be looking! I watch
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