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  1. It is made to look like a proper parking ticket and i think this is soley to instill fear into people so that they pay up. I honestly have no intention of paying this and i was just wondering about other peoples experiance with these clowns.
  2. Hello, Iam new to the forum and I have read many articles on the subject of central ticketing but i still have a couple of questions if anyone can help? I got a ticket this morning after i parked in a residential area with a Central Ticketing sign in it. The reason i parked in there was because my car ( a BMW with rear wheel drive) got stuck on the ice and I had to get pushed into the space by a person who is a resident. They said it should be fine as they have a permit that they dont use as it is never enforced. Needless to say i came down this morning and i had a ticket telling me it was a £100 fine but would be reduced to £65 if i pay now. I live in Scotland and i would like to know if the rules are the same here with regard's to ignoring this ticket? The ticket was issued at 5:07am! I have no intention of paying this but i would just liek a wee bit of confirmation as to the best way to proceed. Thanks.
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