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  1. unlucky. what court was it? craigavon? i feel for you, i hope it isnt too much per month.
  2. if it were me, i would do this. the guvment have bigger fish to fry than you. just plead ignorance and have a happy life.
  3. Well done to you. WELL DONE EVRYONE AT CAG.
  4. glad to see you are all still here and helping people. latest on this is it has been formally moved to lowel. i got a letter recently which had a halifax letter and a lowel letter in the same envelope stating this. i have done nothing with this, i just file the yearly statements i got on this from halifax. i have the SAR still and have listed all the charges fro overdraft, which total approx £1000. Will i just wait and see if lowel do next? a few of my defaulted accounts are now with lowel. probobly worth about £4000 total now. thanks.
  5. the point is that they will need to hire a northern irish solicitor. So he is saying its worth a punt of £100. It would at least cost them more than this. He already has the default. he has little to lose. I admire OP for this.
  6. received a reply today, just an automated reply, asking for over £1000 now. I will await an actual response from a human, then escalate to ICO.
  7. YEAH im not sure as i do not have the letter to hand. But either way its long dead. The fact that i have the letter is cast iron proof that this is SB would you agree?
  8. default on file is dated 2011. and was stated with the original creditor at some time. so i SAR the Original creditor, and they say that the account was closed in 2004. catalogue. I have queried this through equifax so far and have avoided lowells.
  9. the account is on my credit file. it was marked as lowell. i queried the account through equifax. equifax came back and said to contact lowell directly and that it was from Original creditor I sent a SAR to Original creditor. they replied with a letter stating that they had no info as the account closed in 2002. I sent this letter to equifax, as proof that the information was not correct on my file. equifax replied stating that lowels had said it was correct and to contact them. i have not done this. should i now contact lowels? or leave it? no one is pursing this at the moment.
  10. thanks for the reply Scarletpimpernel. I had thought this before, and am very pleased to hear this. I belive that lowel have no paperwork, and the OC refused my SAR stating that the account was closed in 2002. I didnt get my tenner back though. Knowing that they are unlikely to succeed with any court action, should I challenge Lowell about this. It is on my credit file. Thanks a lot. R.
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