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  1. That's what I was planning to do. Thanks for your response.
  2. Hi, On 18th October my car was in Clackett Lane (M25 services) for over two hours as the driver had returned from the US overnight and feeling very tired and not wanting to cause an accident he fell asleep and overstayed. I just received the email shown below from Debt Recovery Plus Ltd in response to my email (I wrote to CP Plus Ltd stating I would be happy to see them in court and explain before the magistrate/judge what happened. Equally I will be happy to see you in court so please don't bother sending any further correspondence unless it relates to a court date as I will not be respo
  3. OK thanks - I'll go to court and see what happens, assuming it gets that far.
  4. I have used the arguement when my daughter received a demand for overstaying at Lidl's car park some time ago. I never heard anything back so it worked. I've just been looking elsewhere on the site and reading guidance-unpaid-parking-charges and it would appear that I as keeper am liable. Of have I missed something?
  5. The driver of my car recently stopped at Clacket Lane services (M25) after flying in from the USA. He slept for over two hours as he felt he was likely to cause an accident if he carried on. I, as keeper, received a fine notice from CP Plus (I think - I've thrown the notice away) asking for £90. My initial reaction was to argue that road safety was at stake. Am I right in thinking that only the Police can ask who was driving? I am assuming I don't need to pay it just because I am the registered keeper. Thanks Cormac:|
  6. Many thanks A127. I thought it may be bluster and also that the letter was deliberately confusing. I'll ignore and post what happens next Happy Christmas Cormac
  7. Hi, I'm not sure whether I should start a new thread but as a ticket was issued by Meteor I think it makes sense to come in here. My car was ticketed recently as Ashford Station for parking in an unauthorised area (half on grass half on the tarmac as there were no spaces - not blocking anyone). I wrote to them informing them that i was aware my car had been ticketed but as I was not driving I would not be paying and not to bother me any more. I received a response today from Meteor Parking Ltd. (My italics) We have considerd your representations and the evidence provided carefully,
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