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  1. Hi Thanks for your reply, yes she has utility bills and other letters etc, however she has now been told she has to apply for a court order and attend court. This is really worrying for her. She isn't great with travelling and would find this really stressful. It seems such a lot of hassle being that she has lived in the property for such a long time and has always paid rent on time.
  2. Hi Can anyone help, basically me and my mother have lived in the same Council accommodation for many years, my father's name was on the tenancy agreement but he left over 25 years ago. My mother told the Council he had left at the time, but somehow his name was never taken off the agreement and it has been left that way since. We have now been told that the Council could technically throw us out as my father's name is still on the agreement and we need to get it changed, which means getting a solicitor and it going through the courts. As this is a Council flat is this correct?
  3. Dear All, About a year ago I was prosecuted for Benefit Fraud for which I received a fine. I am now looking for a new job and part of the monitoring form on the application asks if I have any unspent convictions. If I put yes they are bound to disregard my application surely. But if I say no and lie, I believe that is a criminal offence. Can I leave the section blank or is it best just to be truthful in the first instance. PS: The job is an admin position Many thanks
  4. Hi, I ordered a product via post on the 29th August and sent a cheque (which was cashed around early September). I then received a letter stating the product would not be in stock til mid October. As I really wanted the item I thought 'okay i'll wait until then'. The product still did not arrive. I emailed and tried ringing (each time i was 35th, 40th etc in the queue so hung up). My email was answered after a week stating now the product would be sent out in November. I then sent a letter stating that it was an unacceptable amount of time and if they could not ensure I would get the said item in November then I wanted a refund. I got a phone call saying that the product had been sent out but for some reason had been passed from one courier company to another and had gone back to the depot.The customer services woman then asked for the item to be sent out again (supposedly the product is not in stock so they cannot send out another one!!). Anyway it was supposed to come yesterday and guess what nothing came. Basically I feel this is a really long time to wait for a product and they have had my money for over 2months. If I do finally get the product am I within my rights to ask for a discount for the amount of time I have waited?
  5. Thanks for your reply, I wrote two letters, emailed and rang and rang. Today I found out they cashed the cheque as well, it appears it takes them two weeks to cash a cheque but in the meantime they send out letters threatening bailiffs etc saying its not shown as paid in the week time limit. Anyway hopefully it is sorted now!
  6. Well can you believe it I have now received a letter saying they have not received payment! I spoke to someone last week and they said my cheque was being processed. Anyway I was so panicked that I quickly paid by card. However I am still really worried that because it is after the payment time I will get into trouble. Plus I am bewildered as to what has happened to my cheque. I have tried phoning all day but their line is busy! and the London Collection and Compliance centre never ever answer the phone. I am at a loss as to what to do next.
  7. Many thanks for your help! I will ring them tomorrow.
  8. Hi I was fined recently and paid by cheque using the automated machine inside the court. However I am really worried that somehow the cheque will be mislaid or somehow it will not be processed. Is there a way to check that the cheque has been received. I know cheques can take about 5+ days to clear and they made a point at the court that if there are any problems they will send bailiffs straight away. The cheque was to HMCS but I cannot even find a phone number to check if everything is okay. I know i sound neurotic but I just know if something can go wrong it will! PS There is sufficient money in the account so that is not a problem.
  9. I am new to this forum and I just need to know my rights concerning a postal matter. I ordered some goods online approximately 3 weeks ago and paid by credit card. I selected the regular Royal Mail option. (I could have chosen recorded delivery but obviously this was at an increased cost). Anyway the goods have still not arrived. I notified the company and was told to wait until the end of last week. So I now will have to contact them again as the goods still haven't arrived. My question is what are my rights? am I entitled to a full refund? I would ask for a replacement but now it is so close to Christmas I doubt it would be received in time, if at all!
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