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  1. Thank you I know - it's very scary. However, you do a search like that for any provider and you get horror stories about all of them. I have had numerous people telling me to steer clear of Virgin Media etc as well... in the end it's a bit of a gamble I guess. I thought I'd share my latest communication I have had with TalkTalk on here. I submitted a COMPLAINT. Not just an email, but a complaint. It said they would aim to get back to me within 24 hours. I took them 3 days, and after I asked them to please call me and discuss the problem as it's costing me a fortune from my mobile a
  2. I know, I had that email address before and have tried it twice - without the gap - and it still bounces back :-S
  3. Thank you both for your advice! Unfortunately, the email address you gave me (and several others that I have tried) doesn't work I'll send a letter through the post, see whether I hear back, otherwise I will indeed try and switch over to O2! Thank you!
  4. We moved into a new property and the previous owners were with TalkTalk and when they spoke to TalkTalk they were told we could simply replace our details with theirs on the date of the move. This would have been perfect as both of us work freelance from home and need the internet every day, all day. So the previous owners were sent a form to fill in. However, when the previous owners received this form, things did not add up so they called just to be told they had been ill-advised and such a switch-over was not possible, the line would have to be disconnected and re-connected. Thi
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