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  1. ah, well HBos is my primary bank. I just want to give them a chance, you know, to do something different. I spend quite a bit of time in the third world and wanted a card which was charge free abroad and not linked to my savings. I complained online and was phoned by the manager. He said that the girl thought that it was very 'suspicious' that I should walk out in the middle of a 'business meeting'. I don't know why people use stuck up marketing speak, but, I had been sitting there like a lemon for 10-15 minutes while she occasionally tapped at the key board, I'd told her I was uncomforta
  2. I went to Metro Bank today, had to cycle because of the demonstrations/ riots between my house and the bank. Got attacked there - hit in the head - when I told a middle aged man, English, that he shouldn't **** on the statue of Charles I. Carried on, sat down in the bank. According to what I could see the Credit Check was optional if you had proofs of residence. I had three. Plus my driving license and my passport. The woman was a bit slimy, more concerned with make up than banking, but I didn't really care. The process took forever, over an hour and a half. It was unbearably hot. I'
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