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  1. I would suggest taking them to small claims court - use the posts by other unsatisfied customers as evidence and your things as well (pictures would be helpful) also good to report them to the Better Business Bureau
  2. Unfortunately, legally I'm not sure you can request compensation. But I would definitely try writing Delta a letter and explaining the situation - the Customer Service staff are allowed to offer Delta SkyMiles members up to 8,000 miles worth of free flight (which I believe is equivalent to only about $80 off of your next flight) But still better than nothing! Hope that helps mate!
  3. Another suggestion - are there any other classes at the gym that she might be interested in? Or do you have any other children that would want to take Karate? Maybe they would let you switch the name the membership is in. Or even switch it to yourself if you're not already signed up there? Just trying to come up with some more ideas for you, hope everything works out!
  4. haha good job recording the conversation - I wouldn't have ever thought of something like that!
  5. It's so nice to see people helping others so much in these forums. Hope everything works out, sorry I'm not more of a help personally, but this is not my area :/
  6. Yeah that ads are bad - I also thought that they'd go away. Was reading stuff on these forums for awhile before registering and thought that when I signed up they would dissapear Dang.
  7. Make cider with the apples for sure! I've done it once before and wasn't that difficult. Pretty delicious as well- those are the right kind of apples for it I think.
  8. I have a confession - I love posting in here and typing the lyrics to whatever song I'm listening too - it's a challenge for me to see how fast I can type really. At the moment listening to "Hold you in my arms" by Ray Lamontange - Where you came to me, with your back dreams and your fears- Great line!
  9. Wow that's very impressive! From 40 a day to 5 months clean - good job, that's very inspiring!
  10. Just a quick question about the Kindle - I'm thinking of getting one, love reading, but does it ever hurt your eyes? I find that after an hour or so at the computer I need to stop and do something else, and I'm just worried that the Kindle will do this as well, it's pretty much a book sized computer screen right?!
  11. Wow thanks for the cool info, I (ignorantly) assumed that English would be the first. What an eye opener.
  12. haha that's great! Thanks for the laugh, wow wonder who's in charge of that site!
  13. You stand by me, you believe in me, like nobody ever has. When my world goes crazy, you're right there to save me. You make me see how much I have. And I still tremble when we touch.
  14. Have you heard from then yet? Going to Liverpool next month and want to make sure not to book at this place!
  15. Man, sounds super frusterating - I've had bad experiences with EasyJet as well. Just stay away is my best advice
  16. Hi there! I'm new as well, good to have an introduction forum on here
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