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  1. As a general rule it is not illegal to take photographs of a person in a public place, however your garden and driveway may not fall under this category.  Data protection act doesn't apply anyway as this was replaced in 2018 by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and in any case, this wouldn't apply to photographs of you as these aren't considered personal information.


    HOWEVER, if by taking photos of you in a public place, i.e. the village, it is causing you distress or alarm, you may have a case for harrassment or stalking.  This could be considered an offence.


    Your best bet is to call the non-emergency line of your local police force on 101 and get their advice.

  2. Thanks DX


    The only photos I have are from the original auction, and as I said the damage to the box is VERY minor.


    I've offered him a partial refund.  Worst case scenario I'll just get the item back and have to re-list it.  Hopefully I won't get such a fussy buyer the second time around.




  3. Hi all.


    Apologies if this isn't the right place for this issue but I couldn't see a subforum for anything specifically relating to eBay sales.


    I sold a retro games console earlier this month on eBay.  The item was shipped out via courier following payment.


    Since then, the buyer has gotten in touch to say that the item box was slightly damaged in transit.  He's provided a photo which appears to show a slight crumple and tear on one corner.  No mention of the condition of the item itself, but the buyer is requesting a full refund on the basis that it's a collectable item that's now not worth as much due to the fact that the condition of the box is now less than pristine.  My options via eBay are now;


    • Send a shipping label and get the item returned to me, then I have to give a full refund.
    • Refund the buyer in full and they get to keep the item.  Obviously I'm not going to do this.
    • I get one chance to offer a partial refund, the buyer then keeps the item.


    I'm tempted to go with option 3 and offer him £20 or something to get lost.  At the end of the day I wasn't selling this item as a collectable, and I'm not sure whether I'm obliged to give a full refund just  for a very slightly damaged box, especially if the console itself is undamaged. 







  4. HI DX, that's right, this particular PCN did originally go through POPLA but was lost. 


    I'll have to check the POCs on the new claim form against the original one tomorrow and get back to you but yes, it's referring to the same ticket issued in July 2020.  As I stated previously the first claim for this ticket was for around £160, then with the fees added on it was £237.  This new claim has the amount owing at £237, and they've added court fees and legal fees on again for a new total of £322.  


    Having read the replies I'm just tempted to go with the standard slimline defence to begin with, then drop the double dipping anvil on them later on in the witness statement if it gets as far as a hearing, then hopefully the judge will tear them a new one.




  5. Evening all, and a belated Merry Christmas.


    There might have been some crossed wires somewhere here, but this claim isn't relating to a PCN that was overturned at POPLA


    There were 7 tickets in total, and 5 were overturned by POPLA, leaving just two. 


    The first failed one went to a hearing earlier in the year where the parking company lost.  The details of that one are in the thread I linked in the first post. 


    The second one was also filed as a court claim shortly before the original hearing but after they lost the first case, they chose to discontinue it.


    Now for reasons unknown to science, they've filed a new claim for that same second ticket, with the amount owed increased.


    Apologies if I wasn't clear enough in my earlier posts, I may or may not have already consumed a large amount of gin at that stage.




  6. Thanks both.  The CPR letter has gone off today and the AOS is done so I'm not touching this now until after the new year but I'll consider slipping that in the claim defence and see what happens.  If they're stupid enough to pursue it I'll flesh it out a bit in the witness statement later down the line and hopefully see the excrement hit the fan if it gets as far as a hearing.


    I'm going to have a read through at the BPA's code of practice while I've got some time off over Christmas and see if there's anything in there that can trip them up.




  7. Hi Dave


    That's correct.  They didn't include the PCN number in the particulars of claim but I've kept all the previous paperwork and double-checked it against what was sent previously.


    What's most astounding is the way they've taken the total amount including court fees and legal fees that were added to the previous debt, and essentially added them again.  I actually really hope this goes to court as I'm sure a decent judge would tear them a new orifice for that one.




  8. Name of the Claimant :  NSGL Ltd


    Claimants Solicitors: QDR Solicitors Ltd


    Date of issue – 17th Dec 2021


    Date for AOS - 4th Jan 2022


    Date to submit Defence - 18th Jan 2022


    What is the claim for – N


    1. The Claimants claim is for an outstanding parking charge issued to vehicle XXXX XXX when parked at CENTURY WHARF CARDIFF CF10 5NP. 


    2. The site is managed by the Claimant.  The Defendant is the keeper of or the driver named in accordance with Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedom act 2012 of the vehicle. 


    3. Vehicles parking at the Site are subject to the parking restrictions and terms and conditions which are set out on signs at the Site and form part of a contract between the driver of the vehicle and the Claimant. 


    4. On 03 07 2020, the Vehicle was parked at the Site in breach of the contract, the contravention being Not Displaying A Valid Permit.


    5. By entering this contract the Defendant agreed that they would be liable for £80.00 parking charges, plus additional contractual charges incurred by the claimant for the collection of the debt pursuant to the terms and conditions.



    What is the value of the claim?



    Amount Claimed  £237

    court fees  £35

    legal rep fees  £50

    Total Amount  £322

  9. Good morning all.  


    This is the latest instalment in the long running saga between perhaps the most inept parking company in the country (NSGL Ltd) and myself. 


    Previously on Britain's Stupidest Parking Operators;


    Part 1;


    Thread here:  



    TL/DR:  NSGL manage the parking at a friend's apartment complex.  A family member borrowed my vehicle on a few occasions in 2020 to visit them during the pandemic.  When visiting they parked in the resident's own space with their full permission as the resident does not own a car.  During this time they attracted a total of 7 speculative invoices, 5 of which were overturned at POPLA.  


    NSGL filed a court claim for the first ticket in January and it proceeded to a hearing in July, where they were roundly humiliated due to their crap signage, and the case was chucked out.   1-nil Cardiff Devil.


    Part 2;


    Between filing the first claim and the hearing, NSGL also filed a claim for the second lost ticket at POPLA.  I raised this with the judge after he passed judgement on the first one and he said "I can't enter any judgement on that matter at this time, but the claimant will need to have a long, hard think about whether they're going to pursue this any further."  


    In October they filed a notice of discontinuance, and the claim was withdrawn.  2-nil Cardiff Devil.


    Part 3 (today);


    They've now filed a new claim for the same PCN as claimed in part 2.  But this is where it gets interesting.  The original second claim was for £162, plus court fees at £25 and legal fees at £50, for a total of £237.   This new claim has been filed for (presumably) the same £237, with the court and legal fees added on again, for a new total of £322.  Sounds a bit like double dipping to me.  


    I'm filing the AOS this morning and sending a new CPR letter to their solicitors but I was wondering if there was a different tack I could take with this one. 


    Surely if they've discontinued this case previously they can't just file it again for more money a few months later.  Is it worth me putting in a section in the CPR letter asking them to explain how they believe they can include the court fees from their previous discontinued claim to my alleged debt, or is this something to save for my witness statement later on.






  10. Morning all.  


    I had a gym membership with Energie Fitness over the summer, with the DDs being collected by Harlands on behalf of EF.


    No issues with the gym itself, but my work circumstances have changed and I'm now no longer in a position to use it often enough to justify the monthly expense.


    My membership was a non-contract rolling 1 month subscription at £19.99 p/m.  I tried to cancel via the members portal on the Energie website but wasn't able to do so.  Couldn't get hold of anyone on the phone and Harlands weren't any help so I sent EF an email via the email contact form on the website.  Once I'd sent this I cancelled the DD with the bank.


    I since had an email from EF confirming they'd received my request for cancellation, but claiming that I need to give them 30 days notice and pay for the final month as per the T&Cs.  I've checked and they are there, albeit buried away in the small print but my thoughts are I don't have an actual contract with them.  Surely they can't demand 30 days notice on a 1 month rolling membership?  If I was to cancel Netflix I'd just have access to it until the current month was used up, then it'd lock me out.


    I've since had an email from Harlands stating that I shouldn't have cancelled the DD without speaking to them first.  And they've now added a £20 admin fee, plus still saying I need to pay £19.99 for the final month.  


    My response was that I haven't used the gym in 2 months due to my change in circumstances, and they took another £19.99 payment off me while I was in the process of trying to cancel so they've had their final month's payment as far as I'm concerned, and I'm not paying any penalty fees so they can shove that one.  


    I've had a read around some similar threads and it seems like they are pretty powerless and unlikely to take court action, but I just wanted to double check that I'd covered off all my bases as well as possible?


    Thanks in advance


  11. Hi Andy


    No, I know I can't claim them now, but this particular parking company is currently pursuing a second claim against me.  This hasn't reached the witness statement part yet but if for some inexplicable reason they decide they want to double down and take this one to a hearing after being roundly beaten yesterday, I'll be sure to claim all my costs this time around.




  12. Thanks all.


    I'm now aware that a litigant in person can submit a costs order for the time spent and costs incurred in dealing with this issue, seems a bit lop-sided that only solicitors can claim costs when small claims is intended for Average Joe to be able to take action without incurring big legal costs.


    Their representative kept on and on that PE vs Beavis made their charges legit.  My response was that I don't see how this case can give the green light to parking operators to claim arbitrary invented sums that go straight into their profits, and that the "commercial justification" was a huge conflict of interest.  My response was "what's stopping me putting a sign up at the end of my driveway saying every visitor has to be wearing a blue hat, and if you don't then you owe me £50".  It was moot anyway as they hadn't even included a copy of the Beavis judgement in their evidence pack.  


    Rest assured that if they are stupid enough to carry on pursuing this other case, then I'll be submitting a schedule for costs in advance.  To be honest I half expected them to bottle it and back out before this hearing.  Be interesting to see if they fancy trying it again.


    Thanks again


  13. Afternoon all.


    Case won.  Went through all the points I raised but the bit that seemed to swing it for me was the fact that once you drive from the outdoor areas into the underground parking garage, which is protected by an electronic gate no signage is visible inside, so it was held that they couldn't rely on the signage outside to apply everywhere, since they were classed as two separate areas.


    Claimant's overinflated claim for costs was dismissed, and they have to pay me a half day's lost wages (£45) within 21 days.  I did ask whether I could claim back the costs of all the printing and postage of evidence packs etc but unfortunately not.  That's the cost of litigation apparently.  


    I do have another case pending from them for the other failed POPLA appeal.  I asked the judge if he could throw that one out but he said he couldn't, but given the lack of the signage on site, the parking company would need to have a "long think" about whether they choose to pursue this other case any further.  I'll let you know if they do.


    Thanks, as always for everyone's help with this. 


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  14. Cheers BF.  I'm just a bit concerned that if I accept the £1,500 he'll see that as the matter settled.  I haven't been able to arrange for anyone to come up and give me a quote to complete the work yet but even I can see it's going to need to be started from scratch again because since it's been left for so long, there's grass and weeds coming up through the rocks that have been laid down.  


    Also good point thanks Labrat.  I believe once Whatsapp messages are read by the recipient they can't be deleted for all parties but I've screenshotted everything anyway as a precaution.

  15. Hi all.


    Taking a break from the motoring forum to sort out a new issue.


    Moved into a new build property last year and in the spring started looking around for a landscaper to sort out the back garden.  Basically I wanted the patio to be extended, the ground levelled off and artificial grass to be put down.  


    Found a landscaper who came recommended by the person who had moved in 4 doors up who came and gave me a quote for the work (£3,000 incl materials and labour) and an estimated completion time of 2 weeks, which I accepted.  


    The work was started, he brought up a mini digger to level the ground off, and for the following two days they were placing rocks down (presumably to create a solid foundation for the artificial grass).  


    Landscaper then asked for £2,000 to cover the cost of the materials.  He asked for the payment in cash initially which I declined and insisted on a bank transfer instead so there was an electronic record of it. (I now realise that this wasn't a great option either).  This was paid on the 11th June.


    Since paying the £2,000, no more work has been completed.  Communication with the builder has become very sporadic and there's usually some excuse like a family emergency, labourers letting him down etc.  Several times he'd message me to say "we'll be back on Monday next week to finish off" but nobody has turned up and it's taken several messages from me to get an answer.


    He's eventually gotten in touch a few weeks later last Wednesday (21st July) saying how sorry he is etc, and that he's bringing a builder up to look at the site that day, and that if he can't complete it he'll give me the £2,000 back.


    Obviously he didn't arrive, so I sent him a message asking for the return of the £2,000.  Now he's gotten back in touch, saying "well you've had a grand's worth of work done, so I'll give you back £1,000".  My answer was that I don't think it's £1,000 worth of work, and even if it was, I'd say that 5 weeks of no-shows and broken promises was a fair trade.  


    He's now countered with an offer of £1,500, but I'm reluctant to take it, especially since he already offered a full refund in his message last week.  Worth mentioning at this point that all communications have been via WhatsApp, so I have a written record of everything that has been said.


    I'm reluctant to name the builder at this stage, but is there anything else I can do short of going down the small claims court route?








  16. Cheers Andy


    I'm not a lawyer but as I'm reading it, part 27.14 (2) basically means that the costs are fixed, and they can't claim for hundreds of pounds of extras, even if they did win?  Unless they could prove that I've acted unreasonably, although since I'm the defendant and not the one that brought this action before the court, I'm not sure how that could be the case.


    If I've got that totally arse about face, then apologies.




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