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  1. I had an appointment with Barclays this morning to get a buildings insurance quote. Mine is due for renewal and I had picked up a leaflet in the bank a short while ago stating if they could not beat your renewal quote they would match it and also give £50 for switching to them. Thought I was on a winner. My quote for renewal was £216, Barclays gave me their quote - a massive £475, note this is just for buildings not contents as well. The advisor at the bank was shocked it was so high. I mentioned the leaflet I had, and she said yes there was an offer on at the moment and phoned through to insu
  2. Thanks, I appreciate your reply. I really need to do this as I have paid a small fortune in charges, just need a little help and reassurance along the way. I will wait for statements and let you know how I get on.
  3. Hi, I have never posted on a forum before and hope I am doing this right. I want to reclaim charges from Barclays. After reading all I could on this site I sent a letter off to Barclays, the one asking for details of charges. I have received the following reply. We refer to your letter of 21 June, which was passed to this department for comment due to your request for certain information, relating to bank charges, under the tems of the Data Protection Act ("the DPA"). Please be aware that the bank is not under an obligation to present information according to any particular format. Therefo
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