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  1. Please anyone reading this – DO NOT USE Southern Power’s Shield cover!!! We thought we were being sensible, as parents to 4 children it seemed sensible to take out central heating cover in case the worst ever happened and as Gas and Electric customers with Southern Power it seemed to make sense to use their SHEILD cover – how naive can you be? On the 28th November 2010 we woke up to no hot water and no heating and minus 4 temperatures outside – a bit of an issue, but i figured as i had shield cover we would be ok – I called and after 25 minutes of Jack Johnson i finally got through to the call centre who explained that as i had a 3 month old baby in the house i would get an emergency call out and the engineer would be with us soon – 12 hours later (yes 12 hours – would hate not to be an emergency!) the engineer came, fixed the heating and hot water issue but, informed us that the pressure release valve was broken and would need replacing ASAP, we agreed to a return visit on the 30th and off he went. The 30th came – i took a day off work, i waited and waited and waited and guess what – NO ENGINEER - after another 30 minutes of the same Jack Johnson music we were informed that the engineer was actually booked for the 7th – not happy, but managed to agree an after 5pm appointment to negate the need for another day off work (just leave an hour or so early this time) Then came the 7th December – oh dear, oh dear, oh dear – 7pm – engineer arrives 7.20pm – engineer informs us the part he has been given to fit is broken and he (begrudgingly) has to use his own stock 7.40pm – Engineer informs us he has finished Now at this point we should be happy campers, but we made the mistake of checking the water pressure and temperature and (drum roll please) there wasn’t any – water that is, no water (let alone hot) out of the hot water tap (where we had had hot water up until this point) Engineer actually asked us if the taps worked – what did he think they are ornamental? Anyway to cut a rather long and tedious hour short – after much time spent watching the pressure and feeling the water temperature, (virtually nothing and lukewarm) the engineer decided to call his office for assistance. This is how that conversation went from our end – Engineer – “ i was only supposed to be fitting the part” Engineer – “to tell you the truth i am tired, stressed, getting irritable and just about ready to jack it all in I am so fed up” We then go on to hear about his personal life and how the job is getting him down.... 5 minutes later.... Ok – not the most reassuring conversation to have to listen to but just incase we did not hear the phone conversation he decides to repeat it to our faces while he was put on hold. Anyway again to cut a long story short (and trust me it was long!!) The engineer has left us with very little water pressure on our hot taps, tepid water at best and one of his parting comments (bearing in mind the only engineers who have touched our boiler are shield engineers) “oh yeah and i found lots of parts missing” This boiler is in our Daughters bedroom, it is a GAS combi boiler, it is supposedly serviced annually by Shield engineers and now we are being told it is missing parts – the engineer is not the only one stressed! We now have to wait yet again for a call from Shield to arrange yet another call out (let’s hope this engineer is not stressed and his parts are all in working order!) And to top it all, this is not the first time they have let us down – like i said at the start – Naive – (should that read stupid?) we have been shield customers for over 3 years and have now learnt our lesson - off to British Gas as soon as we have a working boiler (so sorry British Gas you might be in for wait for my business!!)
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