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  1. Also Im guessing by sending the SB letter I have just acknowledged the debt and this gives them another 5 years to chase me! Silly me
  2. I've recently been pursued by Lowell for 2 old debts - both relating back to 2004/05. Under the impression that both were SB I fired off the letter templates to both. Received 1 response advising that infact my credit card debt was indeed statute barred and they would no longer be pursuing - the next day I received a letter in regards to the bank account advising that they 'were looking into my statute barred claim and were seeking further information from the original creditor and would be in touch' I've just realised that this debt might not be SB! Does anyone k
  3. thanks think I will send the SAR next week - And yet another question I have after reading another similar post - What they have provided following CCA request is a copy of my original credit card application. Is this the credit agreement or should I have signed something else?
  4. thanks just saw reply after I wrote mine. sorry for all the questions... but if i send SAR request do I need to keep paying them or not because the accounts in dispute?
  5. It wasnt when they initially called me - but I then ignored their etters for a month or so, and think might have been SB by the time i sent my income/ expenditure form back to them (I take it that counts as a written acknowledgement) I have no idea how to respond to their letter to me - should I send £1 again and ask for older statements, or does that need to be SAR request? or should I just fire off the Statute Barred letter in hope that it is?
  6. I was contacted 6 months ago about an old credit card debt which I defaulted on in 2005 - by solictors acting on behalf of the creditor...I agreed a repayment plan to keep them off my back which I can barely afford. Anyway realised that even paying off £50 a month is not covering the interest far less the balance, i got some much needed advice and sent them a CCA request asking for original agreement and full statement of account. They've provided the original signed agreement well within the 12 day timescale, however have given a very basic account statement of original balance, how much
  7. I dont think so unfortunately - cant believe the amount of interest that has been added though - my other debts from the same time have nowhere near as much interest added which i confusing.
  8. I was contacted in January this year about an old Amex debt that was almost statute barred (stopped paying and has no contact with Amex since Feb/ March 2006) by BTO solictors. I was contacted by phone at my parents address (where I dont even live anymore) so I panicked and spoke to them, and agreed to start re-paying the debt. It took them a few weeks to send out the paperwork, and I wrote back to them and offically agreed a re-payment plan around Feb. I have agreed the most I can afford which is £45 per month - however they are still adding interest to the debt which was £3500 in 2006
  9. I built up around 15k of debt 4/5 years ago, and I am totally ashamed to say that I ran away form it. To cut a long story short, I was 6 months pregnant and the stress, constant threatening letters and sleepless nights were endless. After my relationship ended I moved back in my parents, and just didn't tell the debt companies my new address. Always assumed they would have caught up with me long before now. Anyway out of the blue - when I was visiting my parents today ( I now live in my own place) a debt collector (acting on behalf of American Express I believe) contacted me there. In a
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