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  1. Hi Tingy Thanks for the reply, I've sent the letter via recorded delivery but it shows as still showing as "processing" in the Royal Mail tracking. Also Fredrickson are continuing to bombard my work with calls everyday asking me to call them. Is there anything I can do or should I just wait? I sent the letter on the 8th Dec and I'm guessing Royal Mail has a massive backlog still from all the snow. Also would senting it to the PO Box have any implications? Thanks
  2. They have written to me twice. Once to ask if I was at the address (didn't reply) then the second was a very brief outline of the apparent debt I have, which is with Arrow Global (never heard of them)
  3. Hi all Newbie here, been called by Fredrickson at work regarding a "personal business matter" however they demanded lots of info from me before they would continue. Naturally I told I was not will to give them anything as they were the ones who called me. Anyways a week later letter lands on my doormat from them asking me to get in contact with them about a "personal matter". Letter was ignored then 2 weeks later another letter lands claiming I owe money to Arrow Global Guernsey Ltd (£270ish). I am in the process of sending them a "Proof it" letter and was just wondering if they was anything else to do? I know I have no debts in arrears as I check my credit report monthly and nothing has shown up. The only thing I can think of as a possibility is to do with an Orange incident. Basically 2 accounts were setup in my name fraudulently which I successfully argued with Orange about due to the fact that the date of birth used was wrong on both accounts.I have received and kept the letter from Orange stating that I am no longer liable for the two accounts and them acknowledging the accounts were fraudulently created. If it turns out to be that incident what should I do and can I drag Orange over the coals for not clearing up the matter even though they said it was resolved? Thanks in advance
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