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  1. Hi Fireblade. I have just read your post. Have you managed to get an independent report yet?
  2. Sorry to hear that. I hope you have better luck with your next purchase. Kind regards
  3. Hi goldencove, What filling is used in the seating cushion? Is is fibre or foam?
  4. Sorry to hear about your situation, A sofa that uses fibre in the seat cushions does require a lot of maintain its performance. To be fair you should have been informed about the nature of a fibre filled sofas at point of sale . for most stain removal policies the company will send out a kit first as this usually resolves the situation. If not send of your claim form to get further assistance. Remember to reads the terms and conditions carefully before you fill out the claim form, just to be sure that you are not claiming for something you are not covered for.
  5. I Have just read you post, Are you any further forward with the matter?
  6. Good to hear you are getting somewhere Renton. Sorry to hear you have had to cancel your christmas lunch. You have sent your credit card the relevent info, so they should fight this battle on your behalf.
  7. Hi again Renton, So how are you getting on? have you had a response to the letters you have sent?
  8. Hi, Where did everyone buy their last sofa from and were you happy with the service?
  9. Buy now pay later is usually interest free for the deferred period. If it is not payed by the deadline, it steps onto interest bearing monthly payments and the interest back dated to the day of purchase. The finance company will not remind you off this date. They will actually hope you forget so they can claim this interest.
  10. Hi all, I successfully quit smoking two years ago with the help of an electronic cigarette. They are great and you can buy them online just search “electronic cigarette”. I think they are the next best thing to really smoking. You start off with high MG nicotine cartridge and slowly lower the level. They are much better than gum or patched in my opinion. I’m now a non smoker Good luck middxx
  11. Sounds like great customer service, some other retailers wouldn’t have entertained this after 6 weeks.
  12. I would wait until you receive a reply from your credit card and the "company barrister" before taking any further action as it seems that you will have to fight this with letters. You can visit a solicitor for some professional legal advise. They will be able to advise a lot better than me if you have a good case.
  13. Like I mentioned in my previous post it seems like the manager hoped this would fit. This seems to have backfired, but the manager is not going to admit this. I have experience In furniture retail. Be firm, don’t give up and be persistent. As soon as this manager realises that the problem is not going to go away he will have to do something about it. You may not have to go as far as going to court. I have seen you have sent two letters this should be enough for the company to realise you are not messing around.
  14. I would say that a compliment slip would carry just as much weight in court as a letterhead. Was the compliment slip signed??
  15. Hi. I have seen this issue with corner pieces, right angled and curved before. It seems like the salesman has promised a right angle piece knowing full well it was not an option on this sofa, in the hope that it would fit. Let us know how you get on. regards
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