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  1. My Adjournment was turned down, but I called Brian and we agreed to settle, Cabot DCA will get £393.08 on my behalf. Brian even admitted that I had won.
  2. An Update: Recieved a letter from Birmingham High Court giving me the date of 9/2/07 at 11:30 for 2.5 hrs, however this clashes with a date I already have for another case which is due to start at 12:00 for 1 hr, so I will have to ask for another date.
  3. Don't panic. Let them try and press you for the debt, if they threaten court just state that your defense will be the Limitation Act and that by contacting you they were trying to decieve you. A judge would never rule in their favour.
  4. For the benefit of refreshinglyaverage and other the case is being referred to the Chancery Division in Birmingham, as soon as I have any further details I will post them. For the record, Mr Smith was fine with me and my case. I look forward to seeing him again when this case goes to the next stage.
  5. Brian Smith is their court solicitor, he makes the journeys to each court (as he will be doing on Tuesday to meet me in court). David Travis is his office gopher, he stays in the office parroting the party line at you. If you want to speak to him call 0800 146 188 and press 1, the nice young lady will forward you on to him. My defence and all court papers were signed by Brian Smith, however David Travis was named as the person to send my own bundle to.
  6. Just an update, requested an adjournment next tuesday so I can get more documents from Brian and David. Will keep you posted.
  7. I never had any of that kind of shenanigans, but then I have a CitiFinancial bank local to me, maybe they only go for transfers for those who don't have a local Citi branch. Or they could be clutching at strings.
  8. And if they are watching they know that we know. Tomorrow is the first deadline, if Brian or David are not showing up to see me then they have to let the court know tomorrow.
  9. Good luck. No doubt Brian Smith is copying and pasting your name in to their standard defence template as we spaek. And I bet you a tenner he says it's not a money claim but a damages claim.
  10. I do. But I thought this was a general point. David Travis has promised me he'll be in court. I have looked through the quoted threads. I got David to put £12.88 in writing. I wasn't sure if this was a significant thing.
  11. Big news. They put in AQ, court date 2pm 14th November 2006. David Travis has quoted me Kissik vs Citi, and says they will prove £12.88 per charge. I recommended he stay at the Novotel, within walking distance of the Courts.
  12. My case against CitiCard has a court date, I've been speaking to David Travis and he has told me (over the phone then in writing) that Citi will prove that each breach only cost them £12.88. The gist of the conversation being that now they observe the OFTs new price of £12 they are losing 88p per charge on their actual overheads. However if they state this in court are they not opening the door to claims by every Citi customer who has ever been charged to claim back the difference between their pre-£12 charges? Most were set at £25 so this would be admitting to overcharging every custome
  13. Warrant T00002074 was served to Barclaycard on 4th October 2006, payment was made to Bow County Court and will be sent to me by 18th October 2006, for months after I asked for £400 back in charges, now a cheque for £562.80 has been paid out, if they had given in on the 22nd June they could have saved themselves £162.80.
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