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  1. Good Afternoon We purchased a 3 piece leather suite from SCS (Clydebank) store in August 2008, we took delivery in December 2008. Total cost excluding insurance £1795. We've had no real reason to complain until now 4 years later we've discovered an issue with one of the cushions, the leather appears to be stretching/peeling away and has now resulted in a 2cm hole. We are dog owners and the dogs do get to sit on them, however are very well behaved and never damaged the leather in anyway, we thought perhaps one of them had however been rubbing this particular cushion. As we
  2. Update: Have received an email from the Director's Office, requesting copy of engineers report, which I have sent. I have requested a replacement F/F as settlement. Advised this can take up to 3 days to investigate. Fingers crossed
  3. Hi All Just joined the group to share my experience so far with our latest failed product. We purchased an LG American Style Fridge Freezer from Comet in June 2008 and it's been a brilliant purchase until a week ago. During a usual pre-christmas clearout and clean of the fridge I noticed a brownish sludge stuck to back of the fridge wall, took out all the shelves and noticed it was coming out of several hairline cracks in the corner of the liner. Cleaning the offending material took some time and a little elbow grease, but I got it off, but was horrified so see the lining o
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