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  1. Time limited cont based ESA if in the WRAG - after one year (retrospective), no more benefit if you don't qualify for income based ESA.
  2. Surely if you're receiving housing benefit, you already completed a claim - this form should just be to indicate your wish for council tax benefit also to be paid. Unless of course they are asking for a full review of your benefit, in which case if you don't complete the form, your benefit stops. I realise there has been some advice just not to complete the form, but some authorities will have noted your call as a change of circumstances, and if not returned can effect your HB.
  3. Basically, even if you did fall into the group that might not require a medical, they would need that form back from your GP before they made that decision. If it is well completed and gives info relevant to the descriptors (both WRAG and support group), then you may get a letter in the post saying you don't have to attend the assessment. But its unpredictable, and as I said before, conditions like fibromyalgia are more likely to be called in for assessment. Before you go to the GP appt, read up on the descriptors and get straight in your head what information you need your GP to get across. This ESA50 guide may be useful, although its for completing the ESA50, the information that you need to get across is the same - though in less detail on the GP form, because its not terribly comprehensive. This is just the physical health descriptors: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?316210-ESA50-Guide
  4. They may well be sending you the form to claim income based ESA. See what arrives in the post. In the meantime do a subject access request so you can see what you did complete on the original claim form. For the future, always take a copy of forms before you send them - it makes it much easier to argue the point if you did everything right.
  5. Unfortunately, experience tells me that if you inform them your partner is moving in soon, you may find your housing benefit stopped prematurely as well. Unless exempt or not liable for council tax, housing and council tax benefit are generally a package deal. And although you can ask not to claim one at this point, it may set send up red flags about the housing benefit. As you already claim housing benefit and are on income support, any form you receive should be relatively simple to complete.
  6. ESA can be backdated for up to 3 months - you will need to indicate this on your form. when you originally received the form you requested on line, this would have had two sections, one that everyone completes, and then if you want to claim income based esa, you complete the rest of the form. Either you made a mistake in completing the form, or they made a mistake in processing. The ESA50 form about capability for work has no bearing on whether you are entitled to income or contribution based ESA.
  7. Whether or not you can claim contribution based benefit is dependant on the national insurance contributions paid in the two tax years before the benefit year in which you claim. Tax years run April to April, and the benefit year starts in January. Therefore a claim starting in 2009 will be based on tax years 06-07 and 07-08. The only way to change the tax years your claim is based on is to have a break in claim of (I think) 12 weeks, but that probably doesn't help you now.
  8. Indeed, most of the people I was a student with were supporting themselves and had part time jobs - I worked weekends and weekday sleep ins at a residential home. I don't remember anyone being supported by mum and dad - we were all working class and our parents could just about afford to pay their own bills. My cousin is at Uni at the moment and when at home in the holidays, works a 60 hour week to support herself while away during term time - her parents can't afford to support her financially.
  9. You can get a copy of the transcripts anyway - we just used to put the request in writing and they would (eventually) write them up and send them.
  10. You just need to ask in writing for a copy of the transcripts of each interview.
  11. unfortunately the dWP have a bad habit of losing med certs. Go to your GP, explain that the DWP lost the last med cert and ask for a new one or copy from that date. Did you take a copy of the med cert before you sent it? You always should. And when sending, staple it to a covering letter with all of your details on. You will also need to ask for a new med cert. yes your GP can refuse to give you these, but should give you a reason. If you are unhappy with your doctor's decision you can use the surgery's complaint process. A doctor can give a copy med cert if he wants to and can backdate a current med cert up to 3 months (Ithink). If you are able to provide med certs, esa will be backdated and continue until your appeal.
  12. The mortgage interest section of JSA works separately to your basic claim - so although you are now being paid JSA, you still need to send the info requested so that a decision can be made on your current and future help with mortgage interest entitlement.
  13. Yes, you should have applied for the return to work credit anyway and been turned down. Whether or not you can apply late, I don't know.
  14. Yes you will be entitled to the money they stopped. Did you apply for return to work credit and get turned down? If so you may be able to challenge it, but this is managed by jobcentreplus so I'm not familiar with the appeals process.
  15. Start by reading this thread by honeybee http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?251737-Appealing-or-going-to-a-Tribunal-Some-useful-information
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