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  1. Prostitution it is then! The children will be so proud!
  2. It would be really helpful if I could figure out what legislation / provisions govern the agreement as there is nothing in the 'contract'.
  3. Also, to clarify, there is no all monies charge in the agreement, which I havent signed as I dont agree with it. The new agreement which has come through is terming this as a base rate term loan. The account into which the money is paid is oddly a business account.
  4. Hi, As I said previously, I cant afford the 10+K the solicitor I went to see said this would cost to pursue without having any clear idea of what was wrong. There is not enough equity in the house to secure a fee arrangement and there is no one who can pay any fees or act as a guarantor. Hence I am going to try and do it on my own. The CAB wont touch it as they are not funded to deal with business cases and there is no Law Centre. I have absolutely nothing to lose. So whilst I might need a solicitor I dont have have the luxury of that option. So, if its Ok, I will keep posting up where I am going with this and if anyone can throw in some words of advice, support or encouragement we would be really gratefulo. Thanks.
  5. Thank you : that would be brilliant!! I did speak to the Information Commissioners Office this morning and they said that they should not with hold as: a) I knew the file existed and whats in it. b) They can black out peoples names. c) It does not form part of negoiations. They have advised I make a complaint to them and they will take it forward but it could take a while. I am just very worried that I will lose my home in the time it takes to get the file back so I can say 'you did say you would do all these things' and you havent and hopefully stop them from taking my house, its a long shot. Thank you.
  6. Hello, I hope someone can give me an answer to this question as I really confused. I put in a subject access request to HSBC at Xmas 2010. They sent me a huge box of paperwork but none of the notes that my bank manager writes when I meet with him are in it. I sent another 2 letters and have had no response until an email came today that told me I couldnt have them as they were for internal use only. They are though notes he writes when he meets with me. I am trying to prove that he said he would convert my non residential mortgage to a residential mortgage when my marital home was sold and that hasnt happened but I know it is in the notes as I sat next to him when he wrote it down. Does anyone know is they can withhold this information? I want to go back to them and say that x, y or z says you should let me have them but I'm not sure how I should challenge it or even if I can. Hope someone can help - thank you.
  7. Hi, Can anyone help. Have just had a bailiff on my doorstep, he said he was from the Magistrates Court. He said I had a fine for parking in an obstructive way - I dont know anything about it. He wouldnt tell me his name, just said he was coming back with the van at 4pm to take our stuff. I had previously emailed Marston group when they sent the initial letter to say I had no money and we were a vulnerable household. I sent proof of my partners mental health in a letter from the GP and they sent me an email on August 10th acknowledging receipt. I sent the same letters to the court fines office with a financial statement. The Bailiffs are saying me having severe brittle asthma is not a disability, I get higher rate DLA and have a motability car. I have argued with them about the enforcement agents code of conduct they just laughed and said no one pays attention to those. The Bailiff is saying as its a criminal offence he is coming back with a lock smith is this true? Isnt it motoring, I only ever park outside my house when my breathing is really bad and I cant walk from the next road over, all me neighbours refuse to use their driveways and I cant get my car into my drive ... anyway another matter. Can he come back with a locksmith and break in? Can he take my stuff? I have no money other than £32 until I get paid next Tuesday and two children to support. My car is a motability one.
  8. Well, they didnt come, I moved the car up the hill and round the corner and locked every door and window some of which havent locked for centuries! Taking a look at the Code of Conduct I sent them an email saying that as I had let them know we were a vulnerable household they should send it back to the council particularly as they were members. Im going out to move the car again just to be on the safe side. How do I take action against them? To say what they do is wrong? One of my partners big mental health things is throwing post away which causes complete havoc, more than it would do if he opened it in the first place... last year we must have had 6 or parking tickets and so 6 or so visits from R+R. To catalogue they : - clamped the car every time they came BEFORE they knocked on the door putting the bill up by £120 every time, one morning they did it at 5:30am and woke up my neighbour who videoed them on his phone. - to my 7 year old son : get your mummy now or else I'll take the car. - they refused to leave when I was 9 months pregnant or unclamp the car despite the fact it was obvious I could hardly walk. - they told me when I couldnt breath to go and get my inhaler, they'd be waiting - (half an hour later I was in resus) - they got in as they talked my partner round at 7:30 am and got him to agree to a £300 a month repayment plan levied on my sons Wii despite us telling them it was his, which is not enough to cover the debt. - I told them my partner could become volatile and was unpredictable when stressed so could we do it by phone and they refused, turning up with not one but two heavies. - they never ever show a warrant, their license or a fee charging structure. Is it possible to do something and you were wrong I'd like that car clamping fee back please...
  9. Awesome thank you - will go out and move the car now - am worried as they always come before school and my son who is 8 gets really upset as he thinks they will take our home and I will go to prison as that is what the last one told him would happen! I am picking up the Council Tax form tomorrow, can I ask the Council to take the warrant back as my partner has mental health issues, he is the person who is at home all day, while I try and find another job? We very obviously have nothing apart from the car, which is worth about £500 and the house...
  10. Hi, I havent had any money to pay my Council Tax having been made redundant in March. I found out last week I need to claim council tax benefit but that can take up to 10 weeks to process. So I had a letter last week from Ross and Roberts saying I had to pay them £1300 for council tax. I wrote to them said I was totally broke, house was being repossessed (it is) and I had sold everything of any worth (i have) to feed my children. I offered them £70 a month, the first one I will pay on Tuesday when my child maintenance comes in (I will) until the council tax benefit is assessed. The lady on the council tax phone said I should get full relief. Ross and Roberts told me they could accept arrangements on file but I would need to contact the bailiff and gave me his mobile number, which given its a weekend is off. I am expecting him then tomorrow morning. Last year I had a parking ticket that went to the Bailiffs. They clamped my car at 5.30 am (I know this as they woke my neighbour who captured them on video on his phone) and then only would come back if I had the full sum for them. They came into the house and levied on my sons laptop and his wii and my partner, who has some mental health issues was on the verge of a total breakdown by the time they were done. I phoned the main office and complained and they dropped the fees. I cant go through it again. With everything falling apart I am not on top of things but trying very hard. Can they clamp my car in the road before they knock and up the fees to unclamp it? Are they supposed to take things that you / someone in the house uses for work? Should they have accepted the offer I made? What do I do next? I literally have no money, at all and no one to ask for any. I am now at the point where I cant sleep and Im really scared.
  11. Hi Am hoping someone can give us a clue what to do next. We are a non profit youth project that has had some of our funding come in late due to local authority cuts and departments disappearing and reorganising. We have been hit with an electric bill for 16k. Its a bill that started in 2009 and the utility provider has not billed us. The term of the lease on the building was that the landlord would let all utility companies know when we had taken over. We think someone in the landlords accounts dept forgot to do this for electricity and then realised they were getting the bills and so let the provider know late. We have tried to find out who is supplying us and when no one could tell us, we went to a company who said they couldnt provide electric to us without notifying our provider?!! Hence the debt. The company, NPOWER, have given us until Tuesday to find 4k and then they want 3k each month thereafter. So we clear the debt in six months. They have acknowledged that the rate per unit we have been charged is high as we did not enter into a contract. They have said they will liquidate the project if we do not pay what they want. We have no assets. Can they do this? Is what their asking for reasonable? How do we challenge and is it true they dont have to go to court to cut us off. There is also a residential flat on the premises that is let to tenants as one of our income streams. They work off the same electric supply that we do : does that change things? Many Thanks Mum
  12. I talked it through with a lawyer on Friday. Apparently as main head of claim would be unfair dimissal and end date is March 17th in theory ET1 submission is 3 months from that date, which brings me over the 90 days, but now Ive called about it before that and made a fuss I dont know if they will now say it was happened pre the 90 days and wont fund on those grounds. Grievance Wednesday so wish me luck xx
  13. Papa, that is what I intend to do. They are still adamant that they cannot do it as I havent had the policy for 90 days yet and they do not cover anything which happened pre insurance policy being taken out, but the formal notice of redundancy selection wasnt issued until 5th of Jan so Im thinking that is when the unfair selection for redundancy comes in, in which case I had the policy, but not the 90 days. Im not really sure how to argue that point but I am trying.
  14. Hi : When I went back in January it was really clear there wasnt a job left for me anymore. I was having to scrabble around for things to do to make up the 20 hours and my boss just let me get on with it and gave me no direction or long term projects to focus on, the two staff I had to manage are pretty much self managing. So I took half term off after the redundancy notice was given and went in on Monday just gone thinking I have 5 weeks holiday that has accrued over my maternity leave, there is nothing for me to do so I'll take my last few weeks as leave, not ideal in the current economic climate but, given I was getting the cold shoulder as I'd submitted the grievance by this point, it made life easier. I asked to take the leave on the Monday. It wasnt agreed until yesterday by the Chair of Trustees that I could take it and he didnt actually say I wasnt suspended, just he felt that the issues in the grievance were more important. Realistically I'd rather have been suspended then I'd still get an extra months holiday pay to keep the roof over our head for a bit longer!!
  15. Hello!! Elche : thank you for the merge!! The earliest date I can get an appointment with a lawyer is March 14th and would be out of time for 3rd March for filing if I waited. So added the victimisation bit and have now filed it. Will see what happens, figure a lawyer can add to it if needs be. As for the insurance I spoke with someone Tuesday who was still saying no, 90 days etc, but complained again and he has now referred it to his boss. The CAB has a six week wait. The organisation I work for is the CAB's direct competition, I dont know if going to them would be appropriate given the circumstances .... am not sure why I am feeling anything that might look like loyalty tho!! I did try to find out lots of stuff pre doing the version and headed it up in different bits so it wasnt just long diatribe. MarieFab : Hello! The letter was addressed to my home address. I wasnt informed of anything in terms of suspension etc just marched out, its now been confirmed that I am on holiday leave btw. The info I'm assuming was the scoring sheets and notes for the management pool /reasons for final board decision etc. So it would have had mine and my colleagues info in it throughout the whole process. My boss seemed to imply that my colleague had had the notes and she was the one who stored them in my drawer, so I could question why she was OK to have access to them and I was marched out when we do exactly the same job! Thanks guys!! xxx
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