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  1. if you feel your getting nowhere over the phone, go into your bank and insist to speak to the manager. this is not on!
  2. make it formal. To Whom It May Concern: With concern over suspension of services, ref no: I am writing as requested to confirm my tenancy at (enter address). My mother (name) and myself (name) have lived here since (date) and can confirm we have no affiliation, financial or otherwise, with any previous tenants of this property. Please find enclosed proof of tenancy: (list here what proof your sending eg copy of lease agreement/other proof) I would be grateful if you could resolve this issue asap basically all you need. obviously add/subtract data as relivent. put
  3. good! that sounds like an awful situation. no way should it have been left this long. i hope the company involved get there butts kicked! hopefully with the nicer weather your finding it a bit easier to cope. keep at them! im sure if it was dangerous for you the environmental health would have advised you to leave
  4. legal to charge a re-letting fee? hmm maybe the laws are a little differant in england. the letting agent might have it in the contract with the landlord that theyll credit check all tenants prior to lease signing, in which case theyll have to, regardless of your funds. the fee seems extortionate though, no way does it cost that much for a credit check. if you think you wont pass the credit check and still want to rent with them, they might accept a garuenter(sorry,not sure how to spell that!), somebody who assumes financial responsibility should you default on rent.
  5. sound like complete [problematic]. its not your job to pay "re-letting" fees. if youve given sufficiant notice then its not your problem what they do with the flat when you leave. i would seriously advise you to find out where your local money advisory surgery is and go speak to an advisor. they will take it over on your behalf and can do things you wouldnt think of! i used mine and they were fantastic and sorted my problem in no time. you should think about going for a private landlord next time, ive used agencies before and they were utterly useless but my landlord now is fantastic.
  6. you should be able to find out on your council website. should be under council tax then "breakdown" or "what does it cover?" or something similier.
  7. should change vets pronto. cats can get excema and psorisis and all sorts of skin conditions. never use human products on a cat though, differant Ph levels and could make it worse. make sure you keep bedding and sleeping areas clean and hygenic and dont overbrush his coat. it could be any number of reasons, and if it is psycological then any vet worth his/her salt would treat the condition and give you advice on how to keep him calm and happy. some vets are notorious for dragging out and giving the wrong treatments so youll keep going and have to pay more. please dont give up on your cat, giv
  8. yeh they do come out to read it, i have a meter too and they usually come out twice a year. they do this usually before they send you a summery detailing what youve spent and what you can expect to spend for the next period. no idea why they do it, probably just checking you havent messed around with the meter but they do. if your ever unsure ask them for ID and if you have doubts phone up the company and quote the persons ID number for verification, can never be too cautious and they are required by law to let you check
  9. if your mum hasnt ordered anything from them then she doesnt owe them anything. check the delivery address they say the goods were sent to and ask for a printed,dated summery of the supposed orders to be posted to you. if theyre insistant on the matter you should maybe think about contacting the police in case its identity fraud. good luck, hope its not causing your mum too much stress
  10. Very used to be Littlewoods so check if your mum had an account from them. has she heard anything from them before? if so go over any reciepts and statements with a fine toothcomb. contact Very and ask them about it and tell them your looking into it so you dont get hassled for money your mum might not owe! Very are cowboys, they charged my sister 3 times for a chest of drawers..because they sent her broken stuff and she had to return them. they refused to let her speak to a manager when she phoned....theyre not allowed to do that so if you phone and ask to speak to somebody in charge don
  11. that made me cry, im so sorry for your loss. im totally disgusted with the Co-op, they should not get away with this, especially since the only "crime" was he was too honest. its the fault of the saleswoman and the manager. i hope you find peace xx
  12. she should be encouraged to come clean in the court and the case will be dismissed. you MUST NOT DO THIS YOURSELF or any member of your family and friends or youll be charged with harrasment on top of it. i really hope she comes clean and gets charged for wasting resources. good luck with everything. all you can do is show up and tell the truth, dont hold anything back from your lawyer, small details can prove vital.
  13. you are legally allowed to withold a portion of your rent until they have sorted this! my friend had a similer problem, was fobbed off for ages, but when he withheld some of his rent it was fixed within 2 months (after a year of waiting) make sure you write to your agent first (hand the letter in if nearby, then you know they got it and cant claim ignorance) and keep a copy of the letter yourself. im guessing you signed your lease with the agency and not direct to the landlord? they should fix it and get reimbursed from the landlord if its an urgent problem like this!
  14. ive had the same problem with channels dissapearing, usually when more channels get added to freeveiw. i think they just have more channels than they can handle and are still adding more! i can now get a ton of "chat n date" and home shopping channels but the ones id actually like to watch have gone! it should be getting sorted when the switchover happens, or so they say. have you tried a signal booster? other than that and paying a fortune for an ariel upgrade (that might not make a differance) it is, unfortunetly, just a waiting game
  15. it seems a bit unreasonable for them to brush you off like that when the whole country is suffering from extreme weather and the post office having trouble delivering. why should you take it up with the post office? it was sent by them so theyre the ones in contract with the PO, not you. since it expires tommorow, i would advice you take all the letters (and envelopes) and notices to your local CAB tommorow morning and get one of their advisors to call on your behalf. they have lots of experience with these cases. it usually takes a few weeks for the debt collectors to move on to the next stag
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