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  1. Reply received from MBNA on 23rd July - claim upheld. Will receive breakdown of payment and cheque in 12 WEEKS. This was original an abbey card that I have had since 1999. Having spoken to MBNA yesterday to enquire from what date the ppi will be refunded and she said October 2002. Confused.... Will wait and see what the breakdown is.
  2. sorry to sound so dumb but do i sar mbna for ppi and charges or activ kapital since the debt has been sold to them
  3. have no idea how to go about reclaiming penalty charges. Will have lots but probably only £12 overlimit and £12 missed payment charges. Can I claim these and do I claim from mbna or activ kapital. Really scared as debt is spiralling out of control and any extra money I can get my hands on would be fab. I have no statements and do not know where to start. Really appreciate your help. ty
  4. Thanks for replying dx, no didn't do a spreadsheet, just filled in questionnaire.
  5. 3 weeks ago I completed fos questionnaire for ppi misselling and forwarded it to mbna. Have heard nothing from them regarding this. Today I have received a letter from mbna stating that debt has been sold to Activ Kapital. How do I proceed please. Really new to all this. thank you
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