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  1. Can anyone give any more advice? The judge has already seen a break down of the charges. We've been told that the Halifax will get in touch, and the judge definitely said that if we didn't make the credit card account clear on the money claim form, then we will have to start again. That would mean that Halifax can claim their costs from us. Surely there must be something we can say? It was a genuine mistake, trying to fit it all in within the limit.
  2. It's even worse than I thought. I've been clear in the letters, but in the money claim online, I only put the current account number, not the credit card account number. And the judge DID say the above, plus he said that if I wasn't clear enough, then we'd have to sue again, and pay Halifax's court costs! It's only £315, so I have no idea what their costs would be.
  3. Well, I wasn't at the court, but it sounds like the Judge has said that if it wasn't specified properly on the money claim form, then Halifax are in the right. I will see if my fiance can come and post what happened this morning. Thank you.
  4. Thank you. I know you've not been about to help, but it's good to know I'm not sitting here on my own!
  5. I really need someone to help me. I'm really upset and do not know what to do. I'll start from the beginning. I helped my fiance with his bank charges stuff, by doing the paperwork etc for him. We combined his current account charges and his credit card charges. Sent them the Prelim letter, the LBA letter, and finally filed a claim on Moneyclaim. Sent two further letters in reply to their letters saying that they didn't owe us the money. Halifax coughed up the current account charges, but defended the credit card charges. We went to court this morning. The solicitor was confused ab
  6. Bluecloud, thank you for replying! I sent one schedule of charges with the letter, but split the charges, and was very clear. The first set was the current account charges, complete with account number and the second set was the credit card charges, again, complete with the account number. They've completely ignored what I've said, about it being a different account, it is so annoying! I didn't realise it was an allocation questionnaire. It looks quite scary. I can't find how much we're supposed to pay either? We've already paid the £120 fee for Moneyclaim. So even though we're
  7. If you have a look around the boards, you'll find an address for Trinity Road, that is the correct one.
  8. Help, we are really stuck here. I'm posting on behalf of my fiancee, as I'm helping him claim his charges back from the Halifax. We claimed for both current account charges and credit card charges. I've sent the prelim letter, the lba, a letter in reply to their letter saying that they were not going to pay the credit card charges as they didn't understand where they came from. So I sent the schedule of charges yet again. They wrote again, saying they were going to refund court charges, interest and the current account charges. I wrote to them and said fine, but I will not acce
  9. I'm discussing this with a bank employee at the moment (not on here!) and it's difficult to think what to say! They've said that people that use an unauthorised overdraft are stealing from banks, and you wouldn't steal from people just because they're rich, would you? That was in reply to me saying that the bank charges are unlawful. I've said back that the banks don't have to allow transactions to go through that would exceed the limit, but they do, and they charge for the priviledge, and they charge for the unauthorised overdraft, and that it's not right!
  10. I'm probably going to be making 3 claims though. One against HSBC for my current account which is £266.00 and the first letter is going to them today. Well, once I've done the schedule. I'll be claiming against my credit card with HSBC, but I've just seen a section for MBNA, and I can't remember if my HSBC credit card was run through them? I've also got a Virgin credit card, that I think is through MBNA too, so who should I be writing to, Virgin or MBNA?! So does that mean I can have 3 threads then? :grin:
  11. I'm not sure how to edit the title. I've posted a specific query in the thread title, so if I need answers to other questions, I post it here, how is anyone supposed to know that I want to know about something different? From reading around on the sites I know you're supposed to stick to one thread when talking about the action you've taken against the bank you're having problems with, but I didn't think this applied to specific questions while you're trying to learn about the process.
  12. Bookworm, I'm sorry, I didn't see that this had been merged. You've probably already seen that I've posted it again! Can you merge the replies to this one, and I'm going to amend the title and my first post I think.
  13. Thank you! I'm sure it said that you must send a schedule of charges with the letter in the bank templates library? What would the charge be called if it was for exceeding your overdraft limit? You know, there's one thing I can't understand about the charges with HSBC. Sometimes it's £27.50, sometimes, £10.00, sometimes £36.00, and even one which says it's a 'Total Charges' £40.00. They are all for exceeding my overdraft, apart from two charges in 2001, £7.50 each for a cheque bouncing, can I claim these back? I assume that these would need a different description from 'overdraft fee'?
  14. Hi, I am sure that I have seen in another thread somewhere, someone referring to some information on how to do a schedule of charges? Is this right? I've have a good hunt around, but I can't seem to find anything? Can anyone help me? I'm about to send my preliminary letter, and I'd love to get it posted today if it is not too difficult to complete!
  15. I'm sure I read in a thread someone reccommending someone else to find the info on the schedule of charges here. I can't find anything though, and I'm about to send the preliminary letter, so I need to know what it is I'm supposed to send. Please help PLEASE STAY ON YOUR THREAD WHEN ASKING QUESTIONS, POSTING UPDATES THANKS. THREADS MERGED.
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