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  1. Hi all, I need some advice please: my car is about to repossessed (by British Credit Trust). Its a standard Hire purchase agreement and I have quite a bit of arrears on it so I can't hand it back under the early termination clause (even though I have paid over half the total amount). The repo company have suggested that I agree to voluntary termination, to save the hassle and expense of them getting a court order. Is that that the best way forward? I understand that the car will be sold at auction and I know this will still leave a shortfall, which I presume BCT will chase me for. I did try
  2. The Mortgage co is Mortgage Express. Do they still need a court order with a buy to let property?
  3. Seriously, I received absolutely nothing. Not even a letter saying that there was a problem. The house is in England, by the way (rather than Scotland).
  4. I can hardly believe that this is happening. I've just received a letter from my BTL mortgage co telling me that they are sorry that the sale of my house didn't cover the full outstanding amount. A quick bit of background: house is vacant and awaiting renovation (when I can afford it). The mortgage was with a particular mortgage co who have recently been taken over by another company. The mortgage was in arrears but I was paying regularly to the first co up until their take over. The new company wrote to me stating that they were taking over and that it was it - no more contact of any kind.
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