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  1. Ok thanks I understand...will give them both a call tomorrow!
  2. Thank you, do you mean to ask for the dates of when I last paid them for the contracts that I may have had with them? Is this essential for the Defence letter? Though I am 99.9% sure I have never had a contract with EE, surely the Claimant's whole case would be dropped if I prove this to be the case? Thanks!
  3. Ok so here is the credit report...let me know if this is enough info! Regarding a) EE Limited £100 There is no mention anywhere on my credit report of this, either under Lowell or EE. And as mentioned I don't remember ever having a contract with them or receiving a letter about it. Regarding b) Lowell/Hutchison 3G UK Ltd £150 15/10/2019 Updated Account start date: 20/04/2013 Opening balance: £ 62 Repayment frequency: Monthly Date of default: 04/02/2015 Default balance: £ 62 Regarding c) Lowell/Hutchison 3G UK Ltd £750 15/
  4. Ok...but I don't know what accounts Lowell's references are referring to, especially the EE one...but I guess I can work it out from the report. I tried with Experian, is there a quicker way? Thanks! Perhaps I will call 3 tomorrow! "Here's what happens next: We'll email you in the next 24 hours to confirm your application. We'll email you once we've put your Passkey (which you'll need to access your personal data) in the post. In the next seven working days, we will send you a letter in the post with a passkey which allows you to download your report"
  5. Ok so here we go, amounts are vaguely rounded...I currently have an active contract with 3 that I have had for about 6 years, and have never had a contract with EE: Name of the Claimant:Lowell Portfolio Ltd Date of issue:5 th November 2019 Particulars of Claim: The Claim comprises the following Agreements the Defendant entered into: a) EE Limited with reference x and current balance of £100 b) Hutchison 3G UK Ltd with ref x and current balance of £150 c) Hutchison 3G UK Ltd with ref x and current balance of £750 "The agreem
  6. Ok cool many thanks! Much appreciated...I will check everything out now and answer all those questions!
  7. Hi! in the past I have legally had credit card debts written off, due to them being passed onto a debt collector, who had no record of a signed CCA between me and them. Now Lowell are chasing me for 3 old phone bill debts from around 5 or 6 years ago (one of which I do not recognise as it's with EE, and I have never had a mobile contract with them, or with BT.) which somehow adds up to over 1000 pounds. They have sent me a County Court Claim form via the County Court Business Centre. If I just filled in the Defence with "The Defendant denies
  8. Hi Bedonde, I am in pretty much in exactly the same situation...my Wonga loan is about £630 and I shall not even be close to paying it off this month or the next. Doing some research but will probably set up a repayment plan over 12 months also. I am due to repay on Tuesday 11th October...let me know what happened in your situation. Anyone else who has any more advice...it is much appreciated. Anthony
  9. Yes it is. I shall reply to Apex, still seems strange that as soon as I request the CCA the next letter comes from Cabot, who have a different address, with no explanation. Only by checking the net did I find out they were basically the same company... So I have an Apex and a Cabot reference number regarding the same debt. Seems very illogical, if it turns out to be a ploy on their part I shall post it on this forum.
  10. The debt, which I have not acknowledged, is around the £700 mark and was through a credit card owned by the Goldfish network. I stopped paying the payments around 4 years ago as I moved abroad. It would seem Apex/Cabot have purchased from Goldfish, their is no mention of assignment etc. in the letters. As I am now back in the UK they have evidently tracked me to my current address. Previous debts I have easily overcome simply by requesting the CCA and putting the account into dispute. I would rather see my credit rating go down than pay back the debt. Let me know if you need to know
  11. Hi everyone, this is quite a simple question: Apex have bought my old debt from Goldfish and have contacted me demanding payment. I have sent them a request for the original CCA. I then received a letter acknowledging my request from Caboot Financial, who are owned by Apex. Caboot however have given me a new reference number and they have a different address. They have also returned my £1 postal order. Should I send my letter to put my account in dispute to Apex or Caboot? It probably does not matter however I was thinking they do this for a reason... Your answers are much appre
  12. Received letter from Lowell on Monday with the following: "We refer to your recent request for a copy of the original credit agreement for this account. After liasing with Barclaycard in an effort to obtain this document we have been advised that it is no longer available due to the length of time since the account was opened with you. We are closing your account. At this time we have closed our file and will not make any further contact with you concerning payment against this account unless the copy of the agreement is received at some point in the future from Barclaycard."
  13. Thanks for everyone's comments. Doing some more research!
  14. Thanks Tingy will do some more research tomorrow. To conclude one of the methods Getoutofdebtfree.org suggests: 10 days after CCA request: "Re: Account/Credit Card/Reference Number: Dear Mr/Ms I wrote to you on requesting the following documentation, so that I may settle any financial obligation I might lawfully owe: 1. Validation of the debt (the actual accounting); 2. Verification of your claim against me (a sworn affidavit or a hand signed invoice in accordance with Bills of Exchange Act (1882) ); 3. A copy of the contract signed by both parties and therefore
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