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  1. Hi Tanglewood! I'm in the same position as you here (i'm guiding a friend through a process). We sent a letter asking for the money back, without threatening action and they replied first by saying they would get back in touch within 14 days. Before the 14 days were up they have written again saying they will be in touch by 13 June! I'm not hesitating in taking them to court, just not sure how to reply to the letter as I never threatened them before!! If there saying that time scale is allowable by the Financial Services Authority, can I give them my own deadline? Is ther
  2. OK, phoned and got put through to Paul Quinn who says he wrote a few days ago, but he still has the old address and hadn't recived the letter I sent. I also did a change of address in branch so don't assume offices/departments speak to each other!! Anyway, he didn't have time to do anything today but will ring me tomorrow! I will however check the bank on the way home!! Thanks again!
  3. Thanks, I'll have a look and let you know!
  4. I've been checking up on everybody elses for that long almost forgot about my own!! The set the court date in October I think, so panicked when I realised it was Friday! I really don't want to have to take the day off work for them to not attend, so do you think a phone call today may prevent this?? Could somebody please give me the number to ring and follow the advice from another thread about asking if they are settling and hopefully they will say the same!! Obviously due to times a quick reply would be really really appreciated!! Thanks
  5. Blimey - thats a good holiday!! Hope your not waiting long for your money to come through. The letter came from Rachel Hinchcliffe, Litigation Solicitor at: HBOS plc Legal Services Retail Division Trinity Road Halifax HX1 2RG
  6. I won!!! Bezza - the address I used was Halifax Plc, Trinity Road, Halifax, West Yorkshire. HX1 2RG. Didn't use any names. BUT...... a note to EVERYBODY!!! I received my letter yesterday saying the following: Dear .... I have received and have been dealing with the proceedings, which you have issued against Intelligent Finance in the Northampton County Court. Intelligent Finance is a trading name of part of Halifax plc's business and thus your claim should technically have been brought against Halifax plc. Your claim related to bank charges debited to your account. Th
  7. Keep at it!! IF acknowledged my claim and have now said they will file a defence - think they have until the end of the month. I hate the way they drag it out - I'm expecting a court date to come through with this one tho, just hopefully they'll cough up before then. Their good at making me nervous! I can't help but think I've made a boo somewhere that they'll pick me up on!
  8. Best of luck to you! I have issued my court claim, which they have until the 15 July to acknowledge. I just did it through moneyclaim in the end using the Halifax address at Trinity Road as the man from the County Court who I spoke to said that would be fine. Even doing the court claim manually he said was complicated with a Scottish address as there is extra wording that needs putting in. Lets all watch this space and good luck to all! (P.S - possibly a good thing, I don't know, but it was the Halifax at Trinity Road that paid me back for the last claim I made for my
  9. Got my fingers crossed for you! Let us know how you get on, or more positively - when you get your money!! S
  10. After saying they were going to file a defence, the Halifax wrote me a very polite letter saying that if it were to go to court it would be too expensive, so have your £643 back and manage your account better in future! It's worth it - so keep going!! Now I'm on with Intelligent Finance...... any tips welcomed!
  11. Hi Michael, Please keep us posted on your IF claim as I am in the same process and there doesn't seem to be many people talking about them.... I have asked for my £412 back which they declined so now need to take them to court....... apparently you need a form N1 from the court as you can't do Scottish banks/addresses on the money claim site. Unless of course you have done yours through the Halifax at Trinity Road - which I didn't, and maybe should of. I will hopefully get my N1 filled in this week. Will keep you posted! Susie
  12. Hope I haven't made a boo..... I've already issued a claim through moneyclaim to the Halifax for my Halifax account, using the address P O Box 548, Leeds. LS1 1WU as this is where my letters came from. Can I issue a second claim to the Halifax even tho it's Intelligent Finance and use the Trinity Road address or would this look daft?? I have heard that you can use the Livingstone address if you complete form N1 from the small claims court - would that be better?? Sorry polar b, I wouldn't know where to find my T&C's...... not very good I know!
  13. Hi, I've just had a similar responce from IF and am now in the process of doing the court claim, but it says it will get refused as it is outside England and Wales. Can somebody please tell me what to do with this one...... please! It's a bit daunting all this court business but I'm feeling confident. I am claiming charges of about £450 from IF and Halifax so should be worth it in the long run! Thanks Susie
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