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  1. I have, I hope, a quick question regarding the subdivison of the cost of Building Insurance for a converted house. The house has been converted into three flats two downstairs and one upstairs. the upstairs flat occupies the whole of the first floor and is two bedroomed and the two ground floor flats occupy less than half of the floor (though they both have a rear extension). Is there a general rule for proportioning the cost of the Buildings Insurance for each flat and does the leaseholder pay towards the cost. regards eeeni
  2. thank you once again. have written and printed the letters and will send them first thing monday morning via registered post. I'll let you know what is happening when I have a response from one or the other. kind regards eeeni
  3. thank you very much for the quick replies. It is most appreciated. yes the council sent me a revised council tax bill dated 29/9/2010 received 02 or 05 oct for £433.85. I paid £341.45 on the 29/09/2010 which is what I calculated to be the amount owing leaving an outstanding balance of 92.40 and £111 on 08/11/2010 after my JSA had come through (couldn't find the paperwork when I paid this so I erred on overpayment) so my best course of action is to send a letter asking for a breakdown of charges from Equita ( and a copy to the local council ) via registered letter and take it from there?
  4. He has written the registration of a vehicle of which I am the registered keeper (though not the owner) and a sum of £319.40 of which there is no breakdown, on a bailiff removal notice, can I ignore this sum and offer him £42.50 to clear the debt to Equita or should I try and get the charges dropped?
  5. An Equita baliff turned up last week (22-11-2010) and posted a removal notice through my door for collection of a debt to the local council, regarding council tax, which had already been paid (8-11-2010) to the local authority. Am I liable for any charges regarding this and anything after the 8-11-2010? I contacted the baliff on the notice and he said that he would look into it and took details of the payments I had made directly to the council to discharge the debt and told me he would call back. I am going to write to equita and ask for a breakdown of charges, is there anything else I should ask about ( I'll be using the letter posted elsewhere on this site.) Tia eeeni
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