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  1. not sure but no other paperwork ever received really need help with this as i have to return court papers by the 31/12/10
  2. issued 18/11/10 return date 31/12/10 hearing date 14/01/11 issued in Scotland small claim summons from sheriff court
  3. my credit file is clear but capquest did a search on me on 01/11/10 and small claim summons hand posted throught my door on the 18/11/10 no other paper worked ever received i lived in my previous address for 15yrs only moving 1.5yrs ago and it also states on summons that i have been living at my old address for the three months prior to the summons wrong? letter says i refer to the above credit card and write to confirm that a debt was incurred on the credit card during 1998 there was an agreement in place to pay £10 per month to the debt and i have had verbal confirmation from our credit card department that there is a note on file saying that the arrears were cleared in 2003. from bank manager
  4. Hi can anyone help i have received a small claim summons from Yuil & Kyle acting on behalf of Capquest the summons is the first communication i have had from either company. the alleged debt is a credit card from 1998 that was defaulted at this time and paid back every month and i far as i was aware cleared in 2003. i have a letter from the bank dated last year that states the arrears were cleared in 2003. on the summons it states a default date of 2004 and capquest bought the debt in 2006 but i have had no correspondance to tell me this. from what i can gather the debt is now statute barred 5 years in scotland. i have no paperwork after all these years proving that i paid the debt other than the letter which is a bit vague in its wording. rather than trying to prove it paid do i as my defence use the statute barred? any help please
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