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  1. [ATTACH=CONFIG]23584[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]23583[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]23582[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]23581[/ATTACH] Link Financial sent me 14 pages altogether, the rest were terms and conditions which I have not uploaded. The first document above has the address I lived in when I obtained the credit card in Feb 2006. The second document has the address I moved to in April 2007. The remaining documents show that they were never signed. This website won't let me add a link where you can see them in actual size because I have too few posts, but you can see them here: maximumrnb.com/docs.htm I have already returned the court papers with my defence, but that was before I received these papers. Can anyone advise me on my next move? Thank you.
  2. I sent off details of my defence to the court last week, and today I received an acknowledgement, but no mention of it being moved to a local court. I sent a CCA request to MBNA on 11th Nov, and because I didn't hear back, I sent one to Link Financial which I received back today. Link Financial have sent me a letter saying "Where this request was made under Section 77 or 78 of the Consumer Credit Act 2006 this document fulfils our obligations". They have sent me 14 photocopied pages. Oddly, where it has asked for a signature, there is nothing there, totally blank. The same where it asks for a signature from MBNA, totally blank. Another thing is, I obtained this credit card in 2006 whilst living at my previous address, which is on the front of the agreement, but they also have my present address on the copy of the agreement, which I did not move into until 2007! Would anyone like to see the papers they have sent me?
  3. Well, I received the court papers from Link Financial last week, and accidentally threw them away
  4. And what would happen if I couldn't pay it?
  5. What would happen if you didn't defend a MBNA county court summons? What would the judge do?
  6. No Court Papers yet, and I CCA'd Virgin Money about 7 days ago. Should I do the same with Link Financial? Thanks for your help.
  7. I have been contacted by Link Financial who are representing Virgin Money. They are trying to recover £1542 I owe them on a credit card. Last week I sent them a budget sheet showing an income of £211, with outgoings of £232 per week. I included a letter explaining that I haven't worked for 4 years because of health problems and I have no saleable assets or savings. Today I received a letter saying: "We acknowledge receipt of your recent communication which has now been received in this office. We have commenced proceedings against you in the County Court." It states that the aforementioned court is Northampton. Has anyone any ideas what the outcome of this may be, or what steps I should take. I have already contacted Virgin Money and requested a true copy of the credit agreement relating to my account. No reply as yet. Is it possible to request the same from Link Financial at this stage?
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