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  1. I see where you are coming from, but i only examined the bay in more detail after i had gotten the ticekt. Who looks at the size and shapes of the lines in that much detail..? They see white lines in the shape of a parking space on the ground and park... What i'm trying to say/ask is that a parking ticket can not be enforced if the parking space in question is incorrectly marked, which is what this one is...
  2. Having sat last night and read some of the regs, yes, your quite right i do mean a CPZ (was just naming the zone from what the sign said which is 'Controlled Zone'). However on having read the regs in more detail and from what i 'think' i'm understanding of the regs; for the provision of parking controls for cars on roads, there are effectively two types of bay marking which can be identified by the end markings and the type of line that runs along the road parallel to the kerb. These two types are to diagrams 1028 and diagram 1032 in the Regulations. The primary difference between the two b
  3. On 04/06/2012at 10:24 I was issued a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), At the time in question I had gone for change to pay, and it being a bankholiday took a few minutes to get to the hospital shop to get change; I wasunable to pay by phone having lost my mobile the previous weekend. Whilst I acceptthe ‘gone for change excuse’ is not a significant defence in itself andprobably one heard repeatedly, I was less than five minutes beforereturning to the car and would ask if any clemency could be provided on thisbasis? An additional concern I have isthat the Parking Control Z
  4. Doesn't that nice pink paper make you have warm thoughts
  5. Got this today and another one just like it in the same envelope... It's regarding an unpaid invoice (a.k.a. fine) from last year in a hospital carpark Its 'scary ' pink paper but I'm guessing the advice is the same as always... ignore? Couple of questions though... Anyone have any idea how many of these I will receive as they are starting to be bothersome... and just out of curiosity (I have no intention of paying) it says I have to pay in seven days... was that seven days from issue or recepit because darn it... surley unfair to only give 1 week's work of ignoring this doc
  6. As I said I did write to the manager who oversaw the parking operations (he went off sick with stress BTW when the car park section was being re-organised) to raise a grievance. I never heard back but did keep a copy of the origional letter. I will however raise the grievance again in the form of "i raised this earlier but did not receive a reply" manner and see what happens. Thanks for the additional information... I will also contact my union and get their advice.
  7. Youve just hit the nail on the head. I am arguing a technicality because in order to get acess to what is now designated staff parking (the new Multi-story (MSCP)) you had to re-apply for a parking permit and holding an old permit was no guarantee of receiving a new permit. However AT NO POINT in the application system of the new permits did anyone i know of receive notificaiton that the old permits were voided in any way. An oversight? Perhaps. Was the voiding of the old permits implied? Also perhaps. Many of my colleagues buckled and applied for new permits and threw away their old ones. Tho
  8. I think we will have to disagree philosophically here... One of the primary arguments for charging is not to free up parking for non-staff, if it to make money for the hospital. In wales etc the parking spaces allocated for staff are usully the ones furthest from the hospital and I have no issue with the hospital limiting where staff can park and I agree that priority must be given to patients. under our old system where you could park was limited to two car-parks. staff parking outside of this space were parking contrary to trust policy and could have faced discplinary action. So many p
  9. No, I have received no written communicaiton from the hosptial invalidating the old permit.
  10. Hi again. You are starting to make some scary sense... and im not liking it The terms and conditions state that there is limited free space... this was always on a first come, first served basis, so there was no guarantee of being able to park; though when there was space you could park for free This is what has supposedly been 'removed' by the hospital, but again there is no guarantee that having paid for your subsidised parking pass that there will actually be space in which to park, so you could be paying for a parking space you could never use. I do have a permit which was issu
  11. Maybe i should clarify my position a little more (something I did in a previous thread) Indeed the land owner (the hospital) does have a right to charge which I have not disputed. I HAVE disputed their right to charge me (the employee) as i have writen evidence that there is free parking for staff (this is also in the public domain as it is on the terms and conditions of employment on the trust website. That my old (free) parking permit was also never revoked is also on my side. I would say that I have written a complaint letter to my employer stating that the removal of free parking
  12. As far as I am aware they don't know my name, they do however know where I work and which department. As I said this is a hospital car park and the parking team are actually dual trained as they also do security for the trust, so them getting my name could only involve a phone call.
  13. On the 14/1/11 at 13.50 i had just pulled into a space and turned off the engine when two of the parking attendants come over to my car and want to talk to me... Now my car is fairly distictive (97 Camaro) and I have been issued with several PCNs at this car park as it is my place of work. I have so far ingored all of them, however these two quite large men said they wanted me to know that they are "taking note of who is driving the vehicle and do I understand the implications of that?" Now at this point i fully wind down my window and look at these guys. Im faily large myself at 6'2", bu
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