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  1. no i have not done anything like this before.. its the first time i have claimed HB...
  2. thanks for the replies. I have had another letter off HB team asking me for proof of capital?I said on the form i had no savings (under 6 grand) which is true. I don't.. do i now have to send them my bank statements to prove this? I am a bit uncomfortable about doing this... not that i have anything to hide from them but i feel like that is invading my privacy..
  3. Hope someone can help with some procedures of an IUC. Earlier this year i was made redundant so signed on , and applied for HB (both were granted).. I then was successful in finding myself a job so signed off , and asked if the DWP would let HB know i had found work or would i need to do this. DWP said no its fine . We will inform them. Stupidly i took their word for this. I initially did not notice that my HB was still being paid into my account as i had borrowed some money from my parents in order to cover myself for the first month so didn't check my account. I then realised that DWP had not informed HB team of my circumstances so i emailed them advising them of a change in circumstances. I did not hear anything off them , and left it again for a month. I then sent a letter saying i had found work but on a different date ,( stupidly thought i'd get away with it ) and waited another fortnight(along with another payment) & then recived a letter off them asking me to fill in a form and asking why i had not informed them & saying my letter did not tally with the DWP date. I have sent off the form they sent to me along with my income & expenditure & a letter explaining my cirecumstances in full & fully confessing that i had given them the wrong date .I want to pay the money back ( i have not spent the last 3 payments they have sent me) but did spend the first months HB (on rent rather than fripperies ) I have worked out that i owe that approx £780.00 and i am prepared to accept the consequences of my actions as i know i am in the wrong , and that it was a very dishonest thing to do . Infact i am deeply ashamed of my behaviour & can't beleive my own stupidety so what i am asking is i know i can expect an IUC , but what will happen in the interview? Is it likely i will be prosecuted? I have not done anything like this before, and this was the first time i had ever claimed HB as well. I also have the last 3 payments to pay back straight away .. and infact i have made attempts to do this by calling the over payments team but they have told me i need an invoice before they can accept any payment from me? Can anyone who has been in this situation offer me any advice?
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