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  1. Hi guys Further to our correspondence through today, Redstone have accepted what I have offered ( £330 per week ) on the proviso I pay them an additional £2000 tomorrow and they will stop the eviction warrant, I am too scared of making my kids homeless so i'm gonna raise the £2000. Thankyou for all your help today i will continue to utilise this forum to hopefully make our situation more tenable. Many Many thanks you guys are stars Regards Anthony x
  2. hi ell-en yes the sums add up, we have recently been awarded family tax credits which increase our income significantly and other debts are been resolved. another thing is that the mortgage rescue people at leeds city council think that we are eligible for the mortgage rescue scheme, any thoughts on this / kindest regards Anthony
  3. hi to you both firstly can i say how much i appreciate your assistance, i feel i have been given a life line, secondly my intention is to write all this up legibly and fill in the form correctly along with an up to date income expenditure form and present it to the court first thing in the morning. However i can't now do this till early evening, will either of you be online then so i can send you copies of what i have done so you can check over it ? once again many thanks Anthony
  4. Hi We have an income and expenditure sheet already done which i will endeavour to get to you later today, i have also just had a response from leeds mortgage rescue who say that we are eligable
  5. they haven't accepted it yet we suggested it yesterday as a 11th hour solution
  6. yes we would now the problem that we have had recently is that my wife and i were estranged so were living apart however we've now reconciled so the costs of me living seperately no longer apply
  7. yes we could but redstones are currently in possession of a letter from my employer stating that we will pay them the 330 per week
  8. i feel that redstones stance is that we've always paid arrears by 11th hour so that's what they expect this time
  9. the 330 per week represents our mortgage repayment and an additional amount for arrears
  10. no the 330 would be paid every week so by my calculations 330 x 4.3 = 1419 so an additional 539 per month. in addition to that i am due an end of year production bonus prior to xmas break up of approx 1500 i would be prepared to pay that against arrears aswell.
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