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  1. Thanks Ida. I haven't received anything to tell me where the arrestment has came from. I'm still assuming Charles Anderson but I'm holding off contacting then until I know for sure. HR has a 7 day response period, so I'm still waiting on a reply from them. I get paid tomorrow & I'm terrified that they will arrest my wages. My partner also works at the same company as me & although he is not liable for any of the debt I'm paranoid that they have arrested his earnings and/or bank account too. I just don't understand why they would take this route when I'm paying back more than what they've taken from my earnings. I guess tomorrow will tell - with the bank at least.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm a newbie looking for some advice. I currently have Council Tax arrears that were passed to Charles Anderson to recover. Last month I agreed to pay them £300 a month. I paid the 1st month (November) & the next payment is due next week. But today in work I viewed my payslip only to find a deduction under 'Earnings Arrestment'. I'm not 100% sure that Charles Anderson have done this but that is my only debt aside from £200 currently with Cabot. I'm waiting on HR to get back to me & tell me where the arrestment has came from. But any advice about what I should do in the meantime? Should I contact Charles Anderson & ask them. And if it is Charles Anderson can they do this without prior notification? Am I still expected to pay them £300 a month on top of the £150 that's been taken from my wages? I'm also worried that they'll arrest my bank account too, especially as it's coming up to Christmas. Sorry for all the questions
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