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  1. at 50p (minimum) per letter entertain them in letter-tennis... they'll soon be out of pocket.
  2. Do defaults get removed from credit files once bankruptcy is confirmed? I'm far from an expert on the matter but would have thought they'd remain in the credit file for the six years as per other defaults.
  3. I've thoroughly enjoyed mccallum's stories on various threads; machinery, cars, finance, benefit fraud, £20k, £23k. Enthralling. You couldn't make this stuff up. Oh wait...
  4. Mid to late 2008 might mean that the statute barred deadline is looming, hence the apparent urgency of Lowell/Red. However it depends on whether any payments have been made since then obviously. Do overdrafts have PPI? If so, reclaim. You could SAR Lloyds for copies of statements etc. for charges.
  5. You're lucky. Everything has gone very very quiet with me... very boring!
  6. Are the debts business related? if not then they have no right to contact you at work?
  7. Can you SAR Experian and Equifax to find out account details re: how many payments I've made to these companies? I've been on and off with both for years and will undoubtedly have paid for insurance without knowing it.BSBS.
  8. There are a number of apps that will block calls if you have a smart phone...
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